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Every Man Ends Up Regretting Losing The Woman Who Waited For Him To Get His Shit Together


Maybe you are thinking, “She’ll wait for me. She’ll forgive my absence, the lonely nights and all the tears. She loves me and we will work it out again.”

Well, I am sorry to disappoint you but we women are not that stupid. Yes, maybe we are at the beginning, maybe we are naïve to believe that you will change and that’s why we give you many chances. Because we have faith in your potential. We believe that if we stay patient and deal with your shit then maybe you’ll get it together and choose to be with us in a real way.

However, when we are done dealing with your bullshit, we are really done! We won’t sacrifice our life waiting for you to figure out what you want and decide you want us! No. We are not idiots, you see. We love ourselves enough to not want to go through the pain and agony of waiting for someone who is not sure about us.

We need a man who is sure about us. Someone who will always choose us without the slightest doubt in his heart. We don’t only need this kind of love, we deserve it!

Because life’s not a romantic comedy where a woman falls in love with a man, he dumps her because he is too afraid of commitment and is trying to find whether the grass is greener on the other side, she cries and mourns the loss of him, and then out of nowhere he magically decides he loves her and comes back and they live happily ever after.

Sorry, but real women don’t fall for it. Yes, they will give you are chance or two, maybe three, but when they’ve had it enough – they are done and gone for real! And there is nothing you can say or do that will bring this woman back.

And it will be at that moment that you’ll realize what you’ve lost. You’ve lost a wonderful woman who was always there for you by your side. You’ve lost a true gem while you were busy collecting rhinestones. You’ve lost your soulmate, your best friend, your partner-in-crime. You’ve lost a woman who truly loved you. 

And that is your ultimate loss. 

Mary Wright