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8 Signs You’re A Strong Woman Who Rises Above All Others


You are a warrior. A strong woman who has survived many battles; some battles you’ve lost, some you’ve won but every time you’ve risen from the ashes and came out stronger than before. You are a survivor. Someone who stands out from the crowd. A true inspiration to people. You are a strong woman because…

1. You Believe In Yourself

You know who you are and what you want. You don’t settle for less than what you deserve. You are an ambitious, passion-driven woman with goals and dreams and nothing and no one can stand on your way to achieve them all. You believe in yourself and your abilities. You are an independent woman who doesn’t need support from anyone, nor is she seeking their approval. You stand by your choices and are going after the things you want.

2. You Want Respect, Not Attention

You don’t beg for anyone’s attention and time. You never beg someone to love you. Whenever you feel unwanted by someone, you just walk away with your head held high. You long for respect and not cheap attention. You know that respect is the most important thing for forming successful relationships. That’s why you don’t end up in toxic relationships, or if you get into one, you immediately leave when you notice all the red flags.

3. You Wear Your Pain Like You Wear Your High Heels

You always get up after you fall down. You face every challenge and difficult situation with a smile on your face. You don’t consider yourself a victim. When someone hurts you and breaks your heart, you wear your pain as you wear your high heels – they hurt you, but you continue walking in them, holding your head high and allowing others to admire your beauty.

4. You Don’t Compare Yourself To Other People

You know your worth. You know your qualities. That’s why you never compare yourself to others. You know that no one is perfect, and everyone is special in their own way. Therefore, you are only focused on living your life the best you could and becoming the best version of yourself.

5. You Lift Everyone’s Spirit

Your positive energy attracts people to you like a magnet. You have a mesmerizing aura around you and your light can lift the spirit of everyone that gets close to you. You are always there for others when they need your help because you are a woman who doesn’t abandon people that are dear to you-you stay with them through thick and thin.

6. You Are Compassionate And Forgiving

You never seek revenge. You are not a prisoner of negative thinking and negative emotions. You don’t hold bitterness inside your heart, so you are quick to forgive and let go. But you will learn the lesson and not let those who hurt you back in your life.

7. You Cry

A strong woman like you is not ashamed to show her emotions. You embrace your vulnerability and you consider it as a trait, not a weakness. You know there is a fire that is burning inside you and you are proud of it. You are a very gentle, soft, but also very powerful and strong woman able to do just anything.

8. You Aren’t Afraid To Speak Your Truth

For you, there is nothing more important than honesty. You know that by speaking the truth you may hurt someone’s feelings but you also know that it is better to say the truth than toy with someone’s feelings. Honesty is a rare trait and you have it. You are a brave and straightforward woman who always tells the truth and expect the same thing in return.

You are a true and rare gem. You have a strength of character and a gentle and loving heart. That’s why you stand out from everyone else.

Mary Wright