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Enough Is Enough, I’m Finally Done Waiting For You To Make Up Your Mind


I’m done waiting for you to text me back and answer my calls. I’m done staring at my phone desperately waiting to see your name appear on the screen. I’m done obsessing about why you still haven’t responded to my messages even though a whole week has passed.

I’m done letting my thoughts of you prevent me from focusing on my goals. My dreams. My passions. My happiness.

If you don’t want to talk to me or have anything with me, I’m not going to beg for your attention and love. Because you can’t force someone to love you. Love is never forced. Therefore, I’m just going to face the truth and move on with my life.

I’m done waiting for you to make time for me. I’m tired of always going out of my way to see you. I’m tired of canceling my plans and putting everything in my life on hold just to make time for you. I’m sick and tired of waiting for you to squeeze me into your “tight” schedule. I’m done listening to you about how you always have some more important things to do than spend time with me.

I’m done allowing you to treat me like a second option. A favorite pastime. Temporary fun. I’m tired of always being last on your list of priorities.

I’m done waiting for you to make up your mind. I’ll no longer allow you to string me along. I’ll no longer wait for you to figure out how you feel about me.

I’m tired of wondering where I stand in your life. I’m tired of questioning your feelings about me and playing your mind games. I’m tired of fearing that you’ll leave me out of the blue and disappear from my life forever.

I’m done allowing you to have power over me. I’ll no longer believe your empty promises and lame excuses. I’ll no longer allow you to feed my hopes with your lies. I’ll no longer believe that things will get better.

I’m done making you the center of my world. I’m done prioritizing your feelings and needs over mine. I’m done sacrificing my own priorities and wishes for your happiness. I’m done being the only one who is willing to make compromises for the sake of the relationship.

And I know that this will make you crazy because you’re used to always having me around and taking advantage of my kindness. Because you believe that I’ll continue giving you my unconditional love and support without expecting anything in return. Because you think that I can’t see that you’re taking me for granted.

I’m done thinking that there’s something wrong with me since you appear to have lost interest in me. I’m done feeling like I’m not good enough for you. Like I don’t deserve you. Like I’m not worthy of your attention and love.

I’m done waiting for you to treat me and love me the way I deserve. I’ll no longer allow you to play with my feelings and use my weaknesses against me.

I’m done waiting for you to commit to me. Because you either love me or you don’t. You either care about me or you don’t. You either want me around you or away from you.

And if it’s the latter that you want – then that’s what you’re going to get.

Because I’m done settling for being second best. I’m tired of settling for less than what I deserve. I’m tired of always feeling like I’m on an emotional roller coaster. I’m sick and tired of wholeheartedly and unconditionally loving someone who doesn’t deserve it. I’m sick and tired of fighting for someone who has given up on me a long time ago.

I’m sick and tired of wasting my time on immature, fickle, selfish people.

Riley Cooper