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Unconditional, Genuine Love Means Accepting The One You Love, Not Changing Them


We constantly hear the words ‘unconditional love’, and yet it seems like most of us don’t really know what unconditional truly means.

These words tend to get thrown around so loosely, that they literally lost their real significance.

Unconditional love is something rare. It is a feeling that knows of no limits. A deep, powerful sensation that when truly felt has the power to move every mountain.

Because it is felt deep inside the core of our souls.

When you love someone unconditionally, it means that you love someone completely.

You love all of them. You love their weird parts. You adore their flaws. You enjoy their quirks. You comfort their insecurities. You shelter their fears. You accept their mistakes. You embrace them for who they are.

Anything other than that is irrelevant. It’s just not important. Because your love for them has no limits.

Loving someone unconditionally means leaving all of your crazy ego trips, inhibitions and shame aside and giving in completely.

It means being free to put your naked self out there. It means exposing your vulnerability and giving someone the chance to hurt you, but still knowing that they’d never do such thing to you because they love you more than words could say.

Loving a person unconditionally from the very depths of your heart requires courage. Courage to love their wild sides and willingness to put up with all the challenges life serves you.

Because unconditional love is not only a simple “forever after”. Unconditional love may look like a Disney fairytale, but it’s not that simple.

 There a lot of work that needs to be done, and energy to be invested. Being unconditionally in love doesn’t mean saying that you are and then leaving it all to fate.

It means staying and fighting against all odds. It means caring for each other even when you’re too angry to say a word. It means loving each other on those not-so-perfect-days. It means building a bond that can never be shaken down. Sharing a life for all eternity.

Most importantly, loving unconditionally means being aware of the fact that perfection doesn’t exist. It is falling in love with our partner’s genuine nature, not our idea of what they should look like.

Real, pure love means accepting, embracing and appreciating a person for what they really are. Loving the uncensored version of their unique personality.

It doesn’t mean setting expectations and forcing the other person to live up to them. You can do that and call it love.

Because love is freedom. It is free flowing and doesn’t ask for anything. It just exists.

So, my honest advice to all of you people. Don’t try to engage in meaningful relationships if you insist on changing the other person. You should be their motivation to change, only if they want to.

You can’t jump in a relationship and expect them to turn their world upside down to make you happy. Love doesn’t work that way.

Relationships need to be based on continuous compromises and mutual understanding.

It won’t be easy, but it all depends on you. It takes two to tango, and it takes two to make a relationship work.

But, as long as you stick together, accept each other’s imperfections, embrace each other’s flaws and love each other’s quirks, everything will work out just fine.

Stephanie Reeds