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Don’t Be A People-Pleaser Because You Are Dimming Your Own Light


Don’t betray yourself by pleasing everyone else but you.

Don’t always be a ‘yes person’. Don’t always agree with everything someone suggests. Don’t do things that you don’t want in an attempt to fit in.

You shouldn’t care if you miss out on invitations because you want to stay at home and be by yourself. You shouldn’t allow anyone to disturb your peace of mind. And you won’t if you make yourself a priority.

The most important thing is to figure out what you want and then go for it.

You should know what matters in life and put your needs and dreams above everything else. You should go for the things you really want and not care what others think about it.

And the great thing about is when you learn how to say ‘no’ without sounding rude, then others start to respect you and your time more. Something that you can hardly achieve if you always say ‘yes’ to everything.

Love yourself more.

Before you make any decisions, take a moment and look inside you. Take a deep look into your soul and see if that’s what you want. Consider all the positive and negative aspects of your decisions, but most importantly – listen to your heart. There lies your answer.

By doing this, you’ll feel happier and more in tune with yourself.

You will stop doing things that other people do just because you don’t want to seem weird.

You will wear, drink, and eat whatever you want.

And the best part of living an authentic life is that you will stop pretending and be the real you. No masks. No filters. No judgment.

That’s why I am telling you:

Whatever or whoever is making your life difficult right now is only because you have let them do it. Say NO without feeling guilty. Yes, others might not like this version of you, they may get angry at you, but let them. You free yourself. Eliminate all the toxicity from your life regardless of where it’s coming from.

Say YES to happiness. Say YES to growth. Say YES to yourself. Saying ‘yes’ to these things means saying ‘no’ to people and things that disturb your peace and don’t value your time, self-worth, and your morals.

Saying NO is not a bad thing. It won’t make you a bad person. Having boundaries is a beautiful and loving thing you can do for yourself. Because only a person who knows what they want and are brave to follow their heart.

BE unapologetically YOU…

Mary Wright