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Enough Is Enough, I Am Done Waiting For You To Get Your Sh*t Together


I am done waiting for you to answer my calls and texts. I am done staring at my phone desperately wanting the screen to light up and see your name on it. I will no longer obsess myself over the fact that days and days have passed, and you are nowhere to be found. I’ve had it enough.

I am done. And this time for real.

Because you can’t force love. You can’t convince someone to give you the time of the day when you are the last thing that pops into their mind.

I am done going out of my way to see you. I am done canceling plans and rearranging my schedule for you. If you want to see me, you’ll make the effort. And if I have no other plans, maybe I’ll see you. But this time it will be on my terms. Because I am done with you stringing me along. I am done fighting for someone who does nothing other than canceling plans on me.

Enough is enough. I won’t give you a chance to disappoint me anymore.

I am done waiting for you to put a label on our relationship. If you call me a friend, then I’ll act like one. That means the flirting will stop. The romance will stop. The passion will stop. I will no longer fall head over heels for you and meltdown in your presence. All the things that you liked will stop. So, you’ll either commit to me in a real way, or I’ll leave. There is no in-between.

I am done feeling like I am not enough. I don’t want to feel like there is something wrong with me because you have lost your interest lately. And it really isn’t fair that our conversations are only about me boosting your ego, and you making me feel insecure.

I am done fighting for someone who doesn’t appreciate me, nor does he care to make me happy.

I am done settling for less than I deserve. I don’t want excuses. I don’t want what ifs. I don’t want maybes. Either be with me completely or leave me alone. I don’t have the patience to play detective and a mind reader to understand your intentions and feelings. I want you to be honest with me once and for all.

So, that’s it. I am done. You know how I feel about you, and I fought fiercely for you. But enough is enough. This time I am done. And nothing you do or say will change my mind. I am not falling for your bullsh*t anymore.  

Mary Wright