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She’s Going To Be The Girl You Wish You Married And The One You’ll Regret Losing


She’s going to be the girl you wish you ended up with, the one you’ll regret losing because, by the time you realize what you’ve done and how foolish you were to let her slip away, it will all be over.

By the time you become aware and start regretting your actions, she’ll be in the loving embrace of a person who’ll cherish her and love her for who she is.  

She was there for you. She opened her heart to the possibility of love. She undressed her soul and revealed her vulnerable side to you. She was completely naked, and she wasn’t afraid to show you what her heart truly desires. Yet, you broke her.

She cared more than you know. She stuck by you through the worst of times, she held your heart in the palms of her hands and took care of it like it’s the most precious gem in the whole wide world. She completely gave herself to you.

She supported every silly goal and impossible dream you had because she believed in you. Deep down she knew that you can achieve everything if you put your mind to it.

She gave you her heart and soul on a silver platter. She opened up to you and let you touch parts of her soul that have never been exposed before. She sacrificed herself for your love. Because you were the only person she ever dreamed to be with.

And what did you do? You decided to throw it all away. You decided to take her for granted and play with her heart. Like it was some kind of a disposable toy. You convinced her that you love her. You told her lies, you fed her hopes with your fake, pleasant- sounding clichés, you convinced her to believe that she’s the only one.

It was all a lie. A bittersweet, painful lie.

But, trust me. Even though you might not feel it now, one day it will hit you. Karma will come back for you like a boomerang and it will hit you in the face. And when it finally does, you’ll regret every stupid and hurtful decision you made to break her fragile, beautiful heart.

It’ll hit you when you least expect it. It will strike when you’re out in the club and it will force you to realize just how lonely this world is without true love.

It will strike you when you sense her perfume and remember how she could have been the one. It will hit you before you go to sleep and the minute you wake up.

The painful consequence of recklessly shattering her world and breaking her heart will haunt you forever. It will make you regret everything you’ve ever done to hurt her.

It will hit you that this person, this beautiful soul, this kind of  woman you once had, was your best friend. She was your soul mate, but you were too proud, or maybe scared to admit that.

It will hit you that the love you experienced with her was something very rare. So rare, that you won’t be able to find anything like it ever again.

But, once it does hit you, it will probably be too late.

She’ll be with a real man, a person who’ll appreciate her for who she is, someone who isn’t afraid to tell her how he feels.

She will be with someone who is more than willing to devote his life to her. Someone who will love to spend his eternity with her. Someone who will never forget to look her in the eyes and tell her how beautiful she really is. Someone who will dedicate his time to be with her.

Someone who will genuinely care.

Stephanie Reeds