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Emotional Manipulators Will Do Whatever It Takes To Take Control Over You


Respect, trust, security and mutual understanding are the very foundations of healthy and strong relationships. An emotionally stable and mature people know this. They know that the only way a relationship will thrive is if two people commit to loving each other.

So, they do whatever it takes. They put the relationship before their interests and they give their best efforts to make things work. They communicate, compromise, apologize and they make sure to always adjust their sails to the wind.

Emotional manipulators are the complete opposite. These people don’t care about anyone else’s feelings, but their own.  

Here are 5 common methods emotional manipulators use to take control over you:

1. They say something and then they deny it. A good manipulator knows exactly how to twist your words in order to make you feel uncomfortable and look forgetful or ridiculous. They are masters at making people doubt themselves or even worse, making them feel guilty. A good way to catch them in their act is to begin texting them instead of calling them. That way you will always have proof of their manipulative behavior.

2. They never take responsibility for their behavior. One of the ways manipulators control people is by guilt-tripping everyone around them. No matter what you do, they will always find a way to turn the situation around and blame you for everything that they’ve done. Don’t let them get away with their games. The more you do, the more you empower them to strike again.

3. They don’t give a damn about your problems. Manipulators don’t care about you or your problems unless there’s a way for them to use them to step under the spotlight themselves. You cannot win, no matter how much you try. Every attempt to bring the conversation back to you will only backfire. The best thing you can do in this situation is just to walk away without a word.

4. They use anger to intimidate you. Beware of people who use their aggression to intimidate you and shut you up. It doesn’t matter if their threats seem harmless and subtle. A person who threats is capable of harming you, both mentally and physically. Keep that in mind.

5. They seek out insecure and sensitive people. People who doubt themselves and have low-self-esteem. People who don’t believe in themselves and don’t know how much they’re worth. People who are desperate for help and guidance in life. Emotional manipulators know that they can easily control these people since they are more prone to falling victim to their vicious games.

If you recognized someone in this article, feel free to share it and let everyone know that emotional manipulation isn’t something that should be quietly accepted. Emotional manipulation is a topic that should be publicly discussed and addressed.

Stephanie Reeds