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Before This Decade Ends, Forgive Yourself For Settling For Less


This year is almost over, and it has been a crazy one. For many, it has been the best year, for others – the worst. But, as we are quickly going into 2020, we need to leave the unhealthy choices behind and start fresh. Therefore…

Forgive yourself for all the times you’ve settled for less than you deserve. Forgive yourself for all the toxic and unhealthy situations you’ve put yourself into. Forgive yourself for crying yourself to sleep and then, the next morning, acting as if nothing has happened. For lying to yourself and for hiding your true emotions. And also, for forgetting yourself while you were busy caring about everyone else.

Next year, promise yourself that you will take good care of you. That you will put yourself first. That you will appreciate and love your body the way it is. That you will love yourself for who you are. That you will no longer hide parts from you that you think others would not like them. That you will be too busy focusing on you than caring about what others think or say.

And be very, very excited to meet the new and improved version of you. Because next year, you can glow and achieve many amazing things. You should believe in yourself and have faith that whatever life offers you, you can handle it in the best way, just like you have the previous years. Only this time, you will only set out for goodness. Because you deserve it.

Yes, it is not going to be easy. But, you will do it. Only, promise yourself that you will be kinder to you this time. Take a break. Let your body and soul rest. Leave people and situations that don’t serve your highest good and are only pulling you down. Your way is up! Your journey is towards happiness.

Finally, if sometimes, you find yourself that you have settled for less than you deserve, be kind to you and forgive yourself. Because we all make mistakes, but we are learning from the lessons they bring to us. At the end of the day, the only person over which you have control over and who you have to impress is you.

So, forgive. Learn. Love.

Mary Wright