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Elon Musk Gets Attacked For Spending $90M To Launch A Car Into Space – The Response Is Brilliant


Innovation and progress come at great cost, and while most hail such feats and achievements, there are others who get stuck on all the wrong details. Such was the case with Elon Musk’s $90 million expense for sending a Tesla car into orbit.

In an effort to test out technology that would conserve around 70% of the resources needed for a rocket launch (and at the same time brilliantly showcasing the Tesla car), Elon Musk received the well-deserved spotlight (and with it came some rotten tomatoes as well).

Namely, concerned with the need for tax cuts for the wealthiest citizens while millions of Americans struggle to make ends meet, The Other 98% and Democratic Socialism Now posted a meme that attacks Musk’s $90M move.

While the tax cuts for the wealthy deserve criticism and a serious approach, it seems like the meme struck the wrong tone entirely. Considering that Elon Musk is one of the rare billionaires who use their wealth for the advancement of the cause of science and humanity, the public responded with a barrage of negative comments.

While Musk is a billionaire, one cannot say that he belongs to the group of greedy and destructive people who care only about their wealth while affecting millions of people negatively. In fact, Musk’s efforts to make innovations in renewable energy and space exploration make him one of the rare few who care about the progress of humanity.

Fighting for social and economic equality is a noble fight that deserves people’s full attention but pointing fingers at the wrong places won’t lead the fight anywhere. Scroll below to see the meme and some of the reactions and let us know what you think about this in the comments.

Mary Wright


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