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4 Simple Ways To Stop Overthinking Without A Lot Of Effort


Overthinking is often the root cause of misery and unhappiness. While you need a powerful brain to be able to dive into such deep and analytical thought, overdoing anything comes with negative consequences.

Overthinking usually leads to problems that weren’t even there, unnecessary anxiety about situations that may never happen, and giving up before you start doing anything because you managed to ‘predict’ the possible negative outcomes.

So, how can you put your mind at rest and enjoy the moment for a change? Here are 4 simple, yet powerful, ways to stop overthinking without putting in a lot of effort.


It’s in the mind’s nature to automatically shift to the negative side of things. However, you should never disregard all the positive aspects of the same thing you are observing.

So, instead of focusing on the negative, try to focus a bit more on the things you’re grateful for, on the things that make your life beautiful, and the things that make you feel happy. Shifting your focus from the negative to the positive is a very powerful tool.

By doing this, you will immediately start feeling more peaceful and happier. Remember that energy flows where attention goes, so it’s up to you to decide what’s more worth focusing on.


Living in a time different than the one you’re in right now can lead to chronic stress, anxiety, depression, and other serious problems. It’s true that we often tend to look in the future and the past, but you should be careful how long you stay there.

Making plans for the future and reconsidering the past are great tools for personal growth and progress. However, the most powerful tool for this is staying here and now for most of the time.

All we have is ‘now,’ and reality is made of infinite ‘nows’ that we are experiencing all the time. Make a plan on where you’re headed and write down your future errands to get them off your head. After that, start experiencing those ‘nows’ and enjoy every moment.


Ruminating usually tends to steer to the dark and negative prism of reality. And there, one cannot but feel bad about themselves. While maintaining a consistent positive mindset isn’t easy when being surrounded by all the negativity we’re engulfed in, we can always help ourselves with some positive influence on ourselves.

Words that hold a positive context can affect our mood when introduced into our awareness. So, next time you feel that a bout of anxiety is coming on, try repeating some of these words: Calm. Tranquil. Peaceful. Serenity. Love. Light. Relaxing. Breeze. Beach. Mountain. You can even introduce words that describe scenery that makes you feel peaceful and relaxed (like the last three in this sequence).


Even if there’s no internet in nature, you’ll find a much better connection there. Nature helps you to connect with yourself and your inner peace while providing you breathtaking sights and an abundance of oxygen and light.

Sometimes, escaping the turbulence of urban life can mean a lot for the stressed mind, and spending time in nature is the perfect antidote for the stress modern life brings. If there is one place where you will find ultimate peace of mind, it’s definitely among the green trees and running streams.

Would you add something to this list? Let us know in the comments!

Mary Wright


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