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The Dumbing Down Of America Is Complete And This Video Is Just Another Proof


Everybody has their own perception of reality, their own interests and ambitions, and their own preferences. This, as much as we like to find it good, has been abused for so long, that people have forgotten to think for themselves and show genuine interest in things that are made for them to grow.

It seems that our interests have gone in all the wrong directions. And it bothers me to ask this question, but have we finally lost it completely? Have we given our intellect, our minds, our identity, to the little and trivial things that define nothing but a society which is falling apart?

What meaning have we given to this world, where the greatest are forgotten and the worst are put on a pedestal? Of course, I’m not here to judge anyone, as everything should be present in a complete society – from trivial entertainment to intellectual feats that help us move forward.

But what happens when we stop appreciating the latter? What happens when we finally give in to cheap and trivial entertainment and forget how capable we truly are? It seems like this society has finally given in to the nothingness that entertainment has become.

We have solely focused on consumerism, cheap entertainment, a gluttonous consumption of whatever seems interesting, and total disinterest in where we could be tomorrow. And when the great minds of today’s society are in question: it seems like nobody knows a thing about them.

I’m speaking about those minds that are set to correct our errors and put us on the path of progress and advancement – one that we could only dream of if it isn’t for them. People like Elon Musk, for example, who it seems in this video that nobody knows about.

While at the same time, people do know about Kardashian’s booty! Again, there’s nothing to be judged here. There’s only a truth that deserves a proper lamentation and a lot of pity because this truth will never lead us further from our couches and our TVs.

Share your thoughts on this: Should more people focus on progress? Is this a natural thing? Or have we finally become the ultimate sheep?

Mary Wright


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