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8 Unique And Extraordinary Characteristics Every Empath Possesses


Living like an empath means being an extremely delicate being, going through life feeling other people’s sorrow or happiness deeply and absorbing their emotions on a different, extremely intense level.

These people are basically the filter that accumulates all the rubbish from this world. As an empath myself I’m highly aware of the difficulties every person with an empathetic personality deals.

 It means being overwhelmed with stressful emotions, coping with panic attacks, depression, experiencing chronic fatigue or manifesting other physical symptoms that would prevent you from functioning properly.

However, empaths learned how to center themselves, so they don’t feel as much by distancing from whatever that exhausts them. The first and foremost is acknowledging that you’re actually an empath.

Here are 8 special characteristics evert empath possesses:

1.You Are Highly Sensitive

Empaths are considered those rare gems on Earth that are spiritually open, big-hearted and naturally giving people. They are the people who’ll be there for you through thick and thin.

However, the consequences of their sensitive nature are not always in their favor. They often get their feelings hurt. Negativity can easily touch their souls. That’s why they end up misunderstood and they’re usually told they’re too sensitive “and need to “toughen up”.

2.You Easily Pick Up Other People’s Emotions

Empaths are people who hold the power to absorb other people’s emotions whether they’re good or bad. It’s like they feel everything that troubles them, almost to an extreme.

Most often people like to engage in conversations with you because you are the only person that seems to understand them completely. You’ve been told that you make them sense some kind of relief and serenity after an hour of talking with you.

3.You Nurture An Introverted Nature

Because of your gift (curse), to feel so deeply, you need time to heal by isolating yourself every now and then. Being in big crowds exhausts you to the point of total shut down and requires you to turn over to your introverted nature.

That’s the exact reason why you usually stick to 2 or 3 individuals. The only ones that truly matter in your life.

4.Your Intuition Is Highly Developed

As a person gifted with the unique trait of Claircognizance (clear knowing) you understand the true meaning behind the “gut feeling”. That’s your secret method when it comes down to deciphering people and avoiding toxic encounters in life.

You stay away from meaningless flings and small talks. Because if there’s one thing that’s the most important it’s having a special individual with whom you could maintain stimulating, deep conversations.

5.Intimate Relationships Can Overwhelm You After A While

It’s not that they don’t want to get close, but too much togetherness can be difficult to an empath, so they often avoid getting too intimate with a person. They are afraid of being repressed and losing their identity for another person.

The only way an empath could exist in a relationship is by first modifying the traditional model of a relationship.

6.Narcissists Are Naturally Drawn To You

Empaths are also considered as the perfect target for those people called “energy vampires”. They are the individuals that manage to set a thundery cloud on a perfect sunny day, the ones who would drain your energy to the last bit. They especially feed on highly perceptive beings known as empaths.

Empaths as the kindest among human beings are usually tricked into that toxic game and shortly after that, they become their victims.

However, empath should realize that not everybody needs saving, and not every person out there has the same pure intentions as them. The most important thing for empaths is to spend more time taking care of themselves.

7.You Need To Recharge By Spending Time In Nature

This fast-paced world and cruel, superficial reality can really drain every last bit of a person’s vigor. Now, if you could only imagine what it does to empaths.

However, the only thing that manages to revitalize a highly sensitive person is spending more time in nature. Clearing your head from every day’s life rubbish. Being quiet with your thoughts. Focusing on your inner voice. That’s the best way for an empath to recharge their batteries.

8.You Have A Generous Heart, But Sometimes You Just Give Too Much

Having a loving and giving heart is sometimes too much. Whether it’s a person on the street or a friend that is going through hard times, you feel that energy so deep, that you simply must do something in order to help them.

However, being an empath myself, I learned that it’s essential to protect my emotions and maintain my wellbeing intact.

A friendly advice from me to you: Set those boundaries and do the things you need to do.

Being an empath and feeling deep is a gift, but you need to find the proper way to maintain it in order to protect yourself.

Stephanie Reeds


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