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10 Real Life Examples Of Extroverted Introverts, Because Not All Are The Typical Introverts


We’ve all heard the term introvert. It’s the person with quiet, closeted personality who would rather spend Friday night indulging in their alone time, rather than wasting their energy and time on bar-hopping in the hottest spot in town.

But, what happens when you feel like you don’t fall into one category entirely? When you classify your personality as something in the middle?

You would gladly spend your Friday, laying around, munching and binge-watching the new House of cards season, however, you would need your Saturday free to meet up your friends and party hard until the sun comes up.

If you are anything like this, you are what people call an “extroverted introvert”. No matter how contradictory we seem, there are a lot of people like us out there. Yes, I agree it’s confusing, but it’s just the way it works for us.

To spare you the further confusion, here are 10 important characteristics every extroverted introvert possesses just so you get the slightest idea what am I talking about:

1. Just because we like to socialize, it doesn’t mean we’ll be always up for talking. Going out to hang out, socialize and party all at once, is nice once in a while, but it easily consumes our energy and we’re right back where we started.

Home alone, enjoying the serenity and coziness of our home.

If you by any chance, notice that we’re not up for chit-chatting, keep in mind that it might not be you. Don’t get offended or anything. We have our own thing going on in our heads, so we sometimes appreciate keeping quiet rather than chattering. It’s our therapy.

2. Even though half of the time we want to be alone, we sometimes get lonely. By now, I’m sure you’re more confused than ever, but you should know that another important thing about us is that despite our extreme need to be left alone, we do get lonely.

We’re human, for Pete’s sake. We need to feel loved and we like to feel needed. We need someone who’d be there for us and understand our unique nature.

3. Hanging one on one is so much better than in groups. We value the time spent with those few people that mean the world to us. Those are the connections that are worth nurturing. Everything else just seems like make-believe.

I’m not saying that intermingling with new crowds is bad, it’s just, intimate hang-outs with the people we consider as our soulmates are what we call a definition of quality time.

4. As I said. We really don’t have anything against broadening our horizons. We’re very open to interesting experiences and meeting new people. However, we would really appreciate it if you could let us know on time, so we would mentally prepare for a whole evening of socializing.

5. Sometimes it takes time for you to convince us to get out, but once we agree on leaving our cozy bedroom and join your group, we’ll be partying all night long.

6. We live in our heads most of the time, but you won’t be able to notice it right away. Even in those moments when you think you got us all figured out there’s still thorough and complex analysis in our brain about the things you wouldn’t even imagine.

7.Small talk is the death of us. That’s why we tend to ignore it. We require the connection. Something that would set us on fire, a person with whom we could endlessly talk about our deepest feelings, and fears. What makes them happy and what makes them burst into tears. We need sparks.

8.We tend to bounce between wanting for a person to truly notice us and panicking when that happens. The thought that a person actually spoke to us and paid us attention can leave nervous and overwhelmed.

9.You would normally find us in the company of 2 or 3 people tops. The people you’ve probably seen us with is our “clique”. Those are those few trusted people who have a major role in our life.

They came and stayed for a reason. We are not the kinds of people who’d engage with everyone just for the sake of social acceptance. Hashtag certified: No new friends!

10.We often experience difficulties balancing our introvert and extrovert sides. There are actual wars in our minds when it comes to choosing one or the other side. But, at the end of the day, it’s the thing that makes us who we are.

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Stephanie Reeds


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