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Don’t Worry When You Fight: Worry When She Has Nothing Else To Say To You

Don’t Worry When You Fight: Worry When She Has Nothing Else To Say To You

Dear men, it’s time for you to learn something important about women.

Women speak the language of emotions. It is the only way for them to really open up and be completely themselves in front of you. They don’t believe in bottling up their feelings. In a nutshell, they really mean everything they say to you.

So, when a woman fights with you, it means she cares for you. When she’s too overprotective of you and gets a little jealous, it’s because she’s too afraid she might lose you.

You shouldn’t take her for granted when this happens. You shouldn’t avoid her when she has a lot to say to you. You should just appreciate the fact that she loves you so much that she’d do anything to fight the battle for the love that you two share.

You shouldn’t worry when both of you get stuck in an endless disagreement. You should do your best to calm the situation and reach a reasonable compromise.  More importantly, you should be happy that you two have something valuable, something worth fighting for.

You shouldn’t worry when she’s mad at you and all she wants to do is yell at you until she ends up bursting in tears.

You should appreciate her for being brave to open up in front of you. You should respect her for her willingness to make things right and her determination to keep your love alive.

Anger and fear are also emotions. Very powerful ones.

And sometimes, they speak louder than love.

As shocking as this may sound, you shouldn’t worry when she fights with you. These are all displays of her love for you. Everything she does, every part of her soul she shares is just proof of how much you mean to her.

Fights are a normal part of the relationship. A person who tells you they never fight with their partner is lying. Disagreements are an inevitable part of our lives. After all, we’re emotional human beings with different preferences and infinite combinations of peculiar traits.

I believe that when it comes to relationships, fights are what help us get to know each other’s souls. They help us learn more about ourselves and our partners. They help us embrace, accept or change the things we dislike. They push us out of our comfort zone and help us grow.

So, don’t worry about where your relationship is headed if you and your woman fight…

Worry when she suddenly goes silent.

Worry when she suddenly stops trying.

Worry when she no longer fights with you.

Worry when she suddenly stops talking to you.

Worry when she has no tear left inside of her.

Worry when her silence feels more powerful than her words.

Because when a woman goes silent, and she stops fighting for you, that means that she finally decided to put a stop to all of it. It means that you’re no longer worth her anger, that you’re no longer worth her tears.

When a woman goes silent, it’s obvious that the flame that once lit her heart on fire is now gone. It’s suddenly clear that her loving heart that once burned with passion is now cold as ice.

Because, when a woman loves, she tries until the very end. She puts her heart into it, she invests her entire energy in being there for you.

But, once her glass is overflown with emotions and she suddenly goes quiet, there’s no turning back. A woman’s silence means she’s giving up on everything. It means she’s finally ready to let go of you. It means that you’re no longer worthy of her efforts.

So, don’t fear her emotional outbursts. Don’t fear her reactions. Don’t fear her fights.

Fear the day she stops trying. Fear her silence. Fear when you annoy her, and she doesn’t react. Fear when you get into a fight, and she doesn’t respond.

Because when a woman shuts down, it means that she’s no longer afraid to leave you.

Stephanie Reeds