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Don’t Waste Your Time With The Wrong People – Be With Someone Who Will Never Stop Choosing You


I know how you feel. You have a young soul, a wild heart and an exhaustible thirst for adventure. You want to explore everything this world has to offer. You want to meet as many people as possible. You want to fall in love without being afraid of that “fall”.

I get that. Life is a beautiful experience. We should all learn to get out of our comfort zones more. We should all find ourselves. At least, we should all try to do so.

But, you have to understand that, besides all the laughter, joy and adventure you’ll experience on your journey, you will also come across some people who won’t be worthy of your love.

And just like everyone else, you’ll make the mistake of believing in them. You will allow them to come into your life. And after a certain period of your life, you will realize that you’ve wasted your time on the wrong people. People who have only brought you pain.

As I said, I know it all. But, after all, is said and done, the only thing I can say to you is… Let this be a lesson for you. Don’t drown inside your tragedy. Don’t let the sorrow overwhelm you. Don’t let your tears blind you. And, please don’t ever waste your time on someone who simply isn’t worthy of having your pure heart.

Instead, wait for someone who will never stop choosing you. Someone who will fall in love with you all over again, every day. For all eternity. Someone who will commit to you with both their mind and their soul. Someone who will never be bored of learning the language of your heart and singing the songs of your soul.

Be with a person who will get excited at the very thought of you by their side. A person who will dream of a future together, and do everything in their power to make that dream come true.

Be with someone who won’t make you wonder whether they love you or not. Someone who will not be afraid to let you explore the depths of their soul. Someone who will always be there to pick up your tired self, bring your hopes back and give you the strength that you desperately need.

Be with a person who will choose you each and every day, over and over again. Someone who will support you and help you realize that you should never ever give up on your dreams, no matter how silly they look.

Because when that someone chooses you to be their yesterday, today and tomorrow, they will devote to you. When that someone chooses you to be the person with whom they want to spend their lives with, they will love you more than you think.

They won’t leave you begging for answers. They won’t leave you hanging. The won’t make you suffer. They won’t let anything bad happen to you.

When that someone chooses you, they will let you know that they will never ever leave you. They will become your safe place.  Your shelter. Your second-self. Your world. Your adventure. Your home. Your everything.

And, you, my darling, deserve this.

So, don’t let your life fade away into the unknown. Don’t let others waste your precious energy. Wait for a person who will never stop choosing you.

Stephanie Reeds