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10 Things You May Not Realize You Are Doing That Attract Toxic People Into Your Life


I guess everyone has dated quite a few toxic people in their life that have left them wondering what the hell happened. Of course, the toxic people were the ones who were damaged, but have you ever wondered whether something you do is what is attracting them to you?

Here are 10 things you may not realize you are doing to attract toxic people:

1. You Are Too Nice

You are always understanding and polite with everyone. Perhaps you are too much nice. Your kind nature is a perfect environment for toxic people because they take advantage of people like you. Too much niceness will sadly make you a doormat for toxic people and their manipulative behavior.  

2. You Give Everyone The Benefit Of The Doubt

You always try to see the good in everyone. However, regardless of the beauty of this view of yours, you shouldn’t take this approach when it comes to toxic people. Giving toxic people the benefit of the doubt will only hurt you in the end.

3. You Are Their Hope Of Change

You are an amazing and decent woman who is leading a healthy lifestyle. This is something that toxic people find very alluring because they secretly want to be like you, especially those who are aware of their bad habits and behavior. That’s why they cling on to you. Because they hope you can change them.

4. You Are A Fixer

You are the type of an individual who would try to change the toxic person. You catch yourself often thinking things along the lines of “If they weren’t an alcoholic, then maybe things would work out between you.” Well, the problem with this wishful thinking is that toxic people almost never change.

5. You Are Too Compassionate And Empathetic

Toxic people lack empathy and compassion and that’s why they are so attracted to you. Your empathy agrees well with them because they enjoy playing the victim. And you give them all the attention they want.

6. You Had Given Up On Love

A person who has healthy views on love will never allow toxic people around them. That’s why toxic people look for victims who had already given up on the idea of finding true love.

7. You Don’t Have Healthy Boundaries

You are a natural giver and that’s why you always neglect yourself and your needs for the sake of other people’s issues and drama. Your virtues make you an easy prey for a toxic person for exploitation and manipulation.  

8. You Are A Good Listener

Toxic people love nothing more than someone who can listen to them talk about themselves for hours. You are an amazing listener and that’s why you draw toxic people near you. You become their confidant, but you are not aware that listening to them is bad for your well-being because you absorb all their negativity into your body.

9. You Don’t Value Yourself Enough

You don’t have enough confidence and love for yourself which makes you an easy target for toxic people. You are too nice with others that you often forget about yourself and you make excuses for people who take you for granted and don’t value you as a person.

10. You Stay In Toxic Situations Longer Than Necessary

A toxic person is always looking for someone who puts up with a lot of bullshit in their life. They are their safest bet. They are the ones who will put up with their manipulative and abusive behavior as long as they have something to get out of them.

Are you a people pleaser? Are you a magnet for toxic people? If you recognized yourself in this article, it’s time to make some fundamental changes in your life and don’t allow these manipulative bastards to get the best of you.

Mary Wright