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Do Not Settle Down Until You Find A Person Whose Crazy Matches Your Crazy


I’ve said it once and I will keep saying it again and again until every unhappy, miserable person who is stuck in a ‘comfortable’, ‘okay’ relationship hears me out.

Love is the most amazing, all-consuming emotion in the whole universe. It is the only thing in this world that can heal our pain, help us grow, lift us up and inspire us to keep moving forward. Therefore, love should not be mediocre.

This world is already grey enough as it is. Many things in life are mediocre, tedious and monotonous. Love should never be one of those things. On the contrary, it should make your life colorful and vibrant.

So, please don’t give your heart away to people who won’t have a clue how to do that.

Don’t settle for someone who is too serious. Someone who tells you that you’ve just embarrassed them in front of their friends. Someone who forces you to put up an act in front of everyone. Someone who never gets your jokes. Someone who constantly rolls their eyes at everything that you say.

Don’t settle for someone who wants to change who you are. Someone who always says and does things that make you feel bad about yourself. Someone who triggers your worst insecurities inside of you. Someone who makes you feel like you are not good enough for them. Someone who thinks that your dreams are ridiculous and childish. Someone who does not believe in you.

Don’t settle for someone who does not understand the ways of your heart. Someone who constantly tells you to grow up and stop acting so naïve. Someone who cannot understand the joy in your eyes and the sparks in your heart when a small, seemingly ‘insignificant’ thing brightens your day.

Instead, find a person whose crazy matches your crazy.

Find someone who will be willing to join you on your crazy, reckless and wild adventures. Someone who will enjoy building a pillow fort with you and then fall asleep in your arms. Someone who won’t mind being politically incorrect in front of you. Someone who will fall in love with your weirdness. Someone who will love your goofy, funny, hilarious and shameless side. Someone who will make you feel comfortable in your own skin.

Find someone who will admire the fact that you are just a silly kid at heart. Someone who will burst out of laughter at your jokes. Someone who won’t mind sharing some of their most embarrassing stories with you. Someone who won’t mind joking in their own account. Someone who will make weird sounds and movements in public and won’t give a damn that someone else is watching them. Someone who will support you to embrace your true self.

Find someone who will explore the world with you. Someone who will go skinny dipping with you. Someone who will go to spontaneous hike trips with you. Someone who will make strategies about crossing that river. Someone who will push you into that cold stream with all of your clothes on. Someone who will lay naked on the grass with you and make love to you under the stars.

Find someone who will accept your weirdness and love you for who you truly are. Someone who will fall in love with your flaws. Someone who won’t be afraid of looking like a total weirdo in front of you.

Do whatever you want to do, but please do not settle until you find someone whose crazy matches your crazy.

Stephanie Reeds