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When You Truly Love Someone With All Of Your Heart, You Stay Loyal To Them


When you are madly deeply and unconditionally in love with another person, you don’t go behind their back. You don’t lie to their face that you are going out with your friends when you are really meating another person, you don’t hide secrets from them, and you most certainly don’t pretend to be someone that you are not.

You do not hide your phone away so that they don’t see who you are texting with. You don’t use fake names for your contacts. You don’t delete messages. You don’t answer the phone in the middle of the night and rush out the door lying that your friend had an emergency.

It’s simple. You don’t cheat on them.

When you truly love another human from the bottom of your heart being you don’t care about using a password for your phone or leaving your Facebook open. You don’t waste your energy on such trivialities, because you know that the trust you’ve built together is stronger than anything else. Both your heart and your soul are open doors for them. You are free to be yourself. Your imperfect, flawed, incredible self. There is no need for lies, no need for masks, and no need for games. Only good, old-fashioned honesty.

When you truly love someone with all of your heart, you don’t act like you are single. You don’t make them jealous. You simply don’t go prancing around waiting for people to flirt with you. You don’t lose your self-control and blame it on the cocktail you had last night. You simply do not engage in something that would break their heart to pieces. On the contrary, you do everything in your power to let them that they have nothing to worry about. Because you know that there is no place that you would rather be than beside them.

When you genuinely love someone, you don’t leave when life gets difficult and challenging. You don’t give up after a few fights. You don’t abandon them when everything feels too overwhelming. You don’t replace them for another person when the road gets rocky. You stay by their side and FIGHT. You hold their hand tightly and do your best to make the relationship work. Because when you care about someone that much, you leave your ego aside and do whatever that needs to be done. You let them know that they are the only person in your life that means the world to you.

When you unconditionally commit to another human being, you don’t take their love for granted. You don’t give them a reason to doubt you. You don’t make them wonder how you feel about them. You don’t call them crazy for wanting to be a part of your life. You don’t make them think that they are overly attached because they called you and asked you how your day went.

Because when you truly love someone more than words can say, you stay loyal to the very end. You stick with them through thick and thin. You support them every step of the way. You hold their hand and wait for the storm to pass hoping that once it’s over you’ll both be wiser and stronger. You accept them for who they are. You respect their differences. You go out of your way to simply there for them. Body and soul.

Because ‘unconditionally’ does not mean falling in love with the idea of someone and then leaving them when they show you their true colors. It means loving someone for who they are and staying by their side for all eternity.

Stephanie Reeds