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Don’t Lose Hope – The Universe Has Something Better In Store For You


I know how much it hurts. I can see your emotions written all over your face. I can see the symptoms of heartbreak all over your body. I can see the scars on your heart. I can sense the sorrow in your soul. I can see your exhausted body from being too depressed to even eat. I can see your pale face and that look in your eyes. I can sense your apathy for everything that once gave you joy.

I am familiar with your struggle. I know that every night you cry yourself to sleep. I know that every morning is just another fight for survival.

I know how it feels to lose the will to live. I’ve been through it myself.

But, let me tell you something.

This cannot be the end.

You cannot simply give up. You have your whole life ahead of you. I understand that this is all too much for you, and I know that you’ve lost the tiny bit of faith you had inside your heart… But there’s so much more out there for you to experience.

I won’t let you lose yourself in your world of hopelessness and despair. I won’t let you drown in your pain. You may have lost your faith, but I am right here to return it to you.

Remember this. Finishing one chapter is simply a sign that you’re ready to move on to the next. You know how it goes… When one door closes, another one opens. It is a natural part of this journey called life.  

So, believe me when I say this. The Universe has something better in store for you. I’m sure of it. You just have to follow the signs, embrace that divine intervention and trust your inner voice.

I know that your heart is broken, but you have to believe that great things are coming your way. The universe works in mysterious ways indeed. It’s constantly working in your favor. Even when life forces you to walk the dark, rocky, unpaved road. Even when life challenges your mental and emotional strength. Even when it hurts.

Because, you may not see it now, but in the end, everything falls into place. Everything that once happened to you made you who you are today. Therefore, what you do today, right now, will have an accumulated effect on all your tomorrows.

Have faith, darling. And never ever give up on your dreams.

Better things are coming your way. I promise.

Stephanie Reeds