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Don’t Lose Hope – One Day You’ll Be The Reason Behind Someone’s Smile


One day you’ll be the person who will help someone believe again. You’ll be their savior, their hope, their light at the end of the dark tunnel, their protector, their guardian, their happiness, their best thing they’ve ever experienced.

You’ll be the glue that will put their broken pieces together, the sunshine to their cold and heavy thunderstorms, the tide to their wild and ferocious waves, a summer rain to their soul garden.

One day you’ll be the person someone else is looking for. You’ll be everything they ever wished for in a person. You’ll be their idea of perfection. Something sacred, something out of this world. A divine being who will complete their world. You’ll be their world and they’ll do anything to keep you safe.

One day you’ll understand what it feels like to be with someone who sees the starry sky inside your eyes.  Someone who has suffered searching for their perfect half, but didn’t have luck finding it. Until you showed. And bring their hopes back.

One day you’ll be the reason someone stops being afraid to love. You’ll be the reason why they no longer run away, but embrace it with all its possibilities of a heartbreak. You’ll be the one who will melt and soften their heart. The person who will break the ice around their frozen heart and warm their soul. You will be the person who will let them know that everything is okay now.

One day you’ll be the one with whom they’ll love to settle. The one who will be the exception to the rule. You’ll make it all look easier than it is. You’ll help them get out of their horrid and ugly place and fall in love once again. But, this time… for real.

One day you’ll find a person who will look at you like you are maybe magic. A person who will have eyes only for you. A human being whose heart will beat in synchronicity with yours. Someone who will give everything to make your eyes sparkle and smile glistens. They won’t believe how lucky they are to have found you.

And it’s exactly in those moments that you’ll come to realize why everything else was just wrong for you, why everyone else just left instead of staying beside you. You’ll then realize the link between those past events and your current happiness.

It will become clear to you that nothing happens by chance. That every suffering, every struggle, every sleepless night, every tear, every sorrow was experienced for a greater cause. That if it weren’t for your past experiences, you might have never met the person you’re with.

So, don’t be sad.

One day you’ll be the best thing to ever happen to someone, I promise.

 One day it will all make sense again.

Stephanie Reeds