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Dear God, I Hope You Are Saving Me For Someone Special


I used to always know what I wanted in life. I was always careful with my decisions and I was always carefully choosing the people that I surrounded myself with.

However, on my journey to self-discovery, I felt lost. I got an immense feeling of emptiness inside me and I realized that it was because I left you, Lord.

I stopped listening and talking to You. I started blaming You for all my pain and sorrow without realizing that I was the one who stopped missing You and calling You for help. I even stopped loving You even though You were always there with me. You never left my side, not for a second.

And now, I know better. I decided to rediscover who I am again, and this time in Your arms. Because when I am reflected in Your light, I am the best me. And the closer than I am to You, the more I feel the love that is all around me.

You are my savior. You love me on my good days, but You don’t stop loving me on my bad days. And You love me even harder then. You are always listening to me when I cry for Your help, and You are also hearing my silent prayers. You never forget me.

Because Your love is eternal. You love me for who I am. You love me even in times when I feel like I don’t deserve Your love. But You are there. Always.

Lord, it was through Your unrequited love that I learned what true love really means. And I know that I may not be perfect, but You are, and Your love is.

And I know deep in my heart that You are saving me for someone special.   

Someone that will get me closer to You. Someone who will share my passions, dreams, and fears. Someone who will hold my hand through good times and through bad times. Someone who will love me and stand by mine through anything. Someone who I believe is asking the same things of You.

Lord, I hope You receive my prayer.

I trust You and I will trust Your timeline. I won’t try to rush things anymore.

I am waiting now for that special someone.


Mary Wright