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Don’t Let Him Treat You Like An Option: You Deserve Real Love

Don’t Let Him Treat You Like An Option – You Deserve Much More Than Mediocre Love

Hello, darling.

Yes, you. You who clicked on this article hoping to get the right answers to your questions. You who are probably going through a rough period in life. You who desperately want to find real love, but keep accepting half-ass relationships. You who once again gave your heart to a man who doesn’t deserve it.

Why are you doing this?

He treats you like an option and you are letting him get away with it.

You act like this is more than enough for you. Like you wouldn’t ask for anything else. Like you are happy. But deep down you are hurting. You are hurting because it is obvious that he doesn’t love you the way you love him.

Hey, wake up! You are living in an illusion.    

I know that you love him and I know that you are afraid to let him go. But don’t you think that if he loved you the same way, he would be there for you. Don’t you think that if he really felt that way for you, he wouldn’t treat you like a onetime thing?

You want to believe in your version of the story because that’s easier for you. That story is much more beautiful. But it’s not the truth. And you know it.

If that man saw you as an only choice, he wouldn’t string you along like he does. If that man saw you like his one and only love, he wouldn’t ghost on you for days. If that man wanted to spend the rest of his life, he wouldn’t make cheap excuses for his immature actions and inconsiderate words. He would instead go out of his way to prove his love to you. The same way you prove your love to him. Every single day.

Don’t Let Him Treat You Like An Option – You Deserve Much More Than Mediocre Love

The facts are here, darling. You can’t deny them. All you have to do to release yourself is to accept them. He is not the man you once thought you knew. He is not the man you want him to be. He is someone who is incapable of loving another human being. Someone who only cares about himself. Someone who could never give you what you deserve.

You are blinded by your love and you cannot see his true colors. You refuse to accept them. Somehow, you are convinced that he can change. That you can change him. But the reality is different. He cannot and he won’t. Believe me when I say this. I’ve been through many struggles in life and I’ve learned my lessons.

And now it’s your turn.

You, my dear deserve to feel the love that you unconditionally give to him. You deserve to feel happy. You deserve to have a beautiful and fulfilled life. You deserve a partner who will cherish you and love you more than words can say. You, deserve the whole world.

And I know it sounds unbelievable, but there is someone out there is who willing to make all of this come true.

All you have to do is release yourself from the people who can’t see your worth and let go of everything that hurts you.

Can you do that?

Stephanie Reeds