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Why Your Body Matters and How to Boost Your Self Esteem


Sometimes all you need is to know you are beautiful.

How do you feel when you see the person in the mirror? Is it acceptance, shame, gratitude, disappointment, or contentment? Many of us struggle with poor body image. Self-esteem is not a matter of what other people talk about you, but rather what you say to yourself. Unfortunately, society has set unacceptable beauty standards that have made it difficult for us to accept our sizes, shapes, and colors. (1)

Your body is your treasure

Some people think that when they get thinner, they will love their bodies. However, it works the other way. You must first accept your body for you to be in better shape. Physical health and mental health are in a symbiotic relationship. Unless you are happy with how you look, there is no way you can be healthy. Also, your health habits determine how pleased you are with your physical appearance. In this piece, we will focus on the best ways to enhance body image.

1. Meditate

What comes to mind when you consider improving your body? The highest chance would be that you think about exercising. Although physical activity is vital, you also need to relax and meditate. Finding inner peace is a proven way of getting rid of feelings of body dissatisfaction. When meditating, you are present in the moment, which cleanses the subconscious mind. It chases away feelings of self-hate, body shaming, and other garbage that is stuck in your mind.

2. Focus on the things that make you feel good

Love the body you have because it enables you to do all the cool stuff. Create a list of the things that your body has helped you achieve. For instance, it allows you to keep a roof over your head, to study, work, have babies, and many other good things. Be thankful for the small stuff rather than focusing on the big things you haven’t achieved. An excellent option of appreciating your body would be to practice positive self-talk.

3. Ditch negative social media

Many people are always chatting, posting photos, and trying to get everyone online to like them. Research reveals that the average adult spends at least two hours on their various social media accounts. Unfortunately, the online space has had a negative influence on how people feel about their bodies. Although scrolling through Instagram photos doesn’t seem to have many adverse effects, it slowly makes you a slave of comparison. Before you know it, you lose your body’s value. Cutting social media time is a good idea.

4. Touch your body gently

When was the last time you did a good deed to your body for the first time? How about next time you are getting your hair done, you ask for a head massage? Touch is an excellent way of reinforcing positive feelings about your body. When you are touched gently, and with care, you will feel incredible. Give yourself a massage when applying the moisturizer; it will work wonders.

5. Set performance-based goals

When you feel that fitness refers to a particular body type, you are likely to get disappointed big time. Building muscle, losing weight, or attaining any physical-based goals can be challenging. Stop focusing on how fitness looks, but rather appreciate what working out can help you accomplish. Set reasonable performance goals that are within the human physical ability. It also diverts attention from fixation on body image to the general well-being.

6. Identify your beloved body parts

It’s high time you play favorites! Most people practice harsh self-talk. When they look in the mirror, they are more of: “I hate my fat thighs” or “I wish I didn’t have a big belly.” Such phrases do more harm than good to your body image.

Interestingly enough, focusing on appreciating the parts you feel are beautiful enhance self-esteem. If you like your toes, wear open shoes. If you admire your curves, wear clothes that flaunt them. (2)

On the other hand, it also never hurts to enhance the body parts that you feel insecure with. For instance, if you have crooked teeth, you can always consult a dental professional so they can provide options to correct them. If you don’t have a dentist yet, you can search for a term like “dentist near me Stockton” on the internet and it should provide a list of experts that you can reach out to. 

7. Find your tribe

Only a few things have a positive impact on body image, like satisfying the inherent desire to feel connected. Socializing affects your mental and physical health positively. If you want a lifetime of wellness and health, start surrounding yourself with good friends. Create a sturdy social support system and meet people that help you handle stress. Your tribe should also inspire you to take better care of yourself and encourage you to be at your best.

8. Find a purpose

People who have life purpose are too busy getting things done to worry about what their body looks like. Creative expression, effective leadership, and passionate parenting are some of the things that will matter in the end. So, focus on living a fulfilling life rather than fitting into smaller clothes.

In everything you do, remember that life is too short to live hating your body. Love it because that’s where you will spend a lifetime! (3)

David Smith