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Don’t Hesitate To Walk Away From People Who Don’t Recognize Your Worth

no respect

There is a pretty big difference between hitting a rough patch in a relationship and accepting the fact that a relationship may no longer be working for you.

Both are undoubtedly hard to overcome. However, there is something about the second one that requires a bit more courage and determination. The truth is, every relationship faces obstacles. But once those obstacles turn into disrespect, then it’s clear that you have to find a way to get out.

If your partner does these 5 things to you, they don’t respect you:

1. They make no effort to be nice to you. When your loved one stops listening to you and no longer shows understanding, this is a clear sign that they probably don’t care as much as they did once upon a time. Loving someone means being kind and supportive even when you feel completely opposite of that. That’s called making an effort for the sake of your relationship. For the sake of your love.

2. They always insist to have everything their way. Compromise is the first thing that you have to learn if you want to maintain a healthy and loving relationship. Without it, there can be no relationship. No understanding. No unity. No love. A partner who doesn’t acknowledge your needs doesn’t respect you. Simple as that. That’s the only truth that you have to accept.

no respect

3. They don’t respect your friends and family. This is undoubtedly the biggest red flag there is. You cannot give the key to your heart to someone who got off on the wrong foot with your friends and family. If they cannot accept your loved ones or simply be kind to them, it is very likely that they won’t accept you either.

4. They are not there for you. When you talk, do they listen to what you’re saying? Do they actively participate in the conversation trying to help out, or they’re just waiting for you to finish so they can continue doing what they were doing? If the latter is the case then you have to face the fact that you may no longer be with the same person you once knew. Don’t be afraid to walk away from those who do not recognize your worth.

5. They constantly criticize you and judge your choices. Here’s what. We’re all human beings. It is in our nature to make mistakes. But then again, it is also in our nature to fix them. If your partner doesn’t believe in your ability to make things better, or they simply don’t acknowledge anything that you do, this might be the sign that you’ve been waiting for.

The sign that you need to let go. Love is about accepting every part of one’s soul and body, not shaming them. It is about understanding one’s actions, not judging their choices. If your partner cannot do that for you, perhaps they don’t love you as much as you think they do.

And perhaps… It is finally time for you to walk away. Forever.

Stephanie Reeds