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Strong Relationships Are A Result Of Open Communication Between Partners


Healthy, meaningful, and successful relationships are not the result of having many things in common – as we tend to think. Instead, they’re a result of knowing how to deal with your and your partner’s core differences in a way that shows regard for each other’s feelings, needs, and dreams.

Here are 7 conversations that mean most in a romantic relationship:


No relationship is immune to conflict. Every couple faces disagreements and arguments in their relationship.

When you and your partner are faced with a conflict, don’t look at this as a sign that your relationship is unhappy or poor. Instead, try to look at your relationship conflicts as an opportunity to better understand your partner’s feelings, opinions, ideas, and needs and to develop greater emotional intimacy as you address your differences.


A relationship can never deepen and be happy unless partners understand and talk about the importance of commitment. Because choosing commitment means accepting and cherishing your significant other for who they are, despite their weaknesses and imperfections.

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Healthy, happy, and successful relationships are those in which partners let each other know that they can be counted on.

Because if you and your partner can’t trust and rely on each other for anything, then this is a sure sign that something is missing in your relationship – and most probably, that’s love.


Many couples feel less satisfied with their relationships after a child is born. To save yourself from dealing with this issue, make sure you and your partner resolve every conflict on time and let each other know what family means to you.


When a couple is faced with money problems in their relationship, these problems are actually about what money means to each of them. Understanding what money means to you and your partner will greatly help solve the disagreements you may have over money.


Knowing and honoring each other’s dreams is a prerequisite for building a healthy, happy, and long-lasting relationship. When you and your partner encourage each other to fulfill your dreams, no matter how unrealistic they might appear to others, it means that you believe in each other and that you’re always there for each other.


When you’re truly in love with someone, their growth, both personal and professional, matters to you.  You encourage them to work on themselves and face their insecurities, fears, past pains and heartbreaks. You inspire them to adopt a new perspective on the world around them.

You challenge them to leave their comfort zone and experience new things. You encourage them to grow personally and professionally. You encourage them to become the best version of themselves. That’s the reason why talking to your partner about how you can encourage each other to grow is very important.

Riley Cooper