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Don’t Be Afraid To Be Alone Until You Find Someone Who Makes Your Heart Smile


Love is the most beautiful feeling in the universe. A pure, profound feeling of serenity. A sublime sensation that cannot be explained with words. An inexplicable force that when in the hands of the right people, has the power to do the impossible.

Love is sacred… It is the one thing you should never ever dare to compromise. The one thing that should never be mediocre. 

That’s why you should never give your heart to someone who isn’t worthy of your love. You should never settle for mediocrity and comfort when all the opportunities in this world lie in the palm of your hand.

I know… You feel scared to let go of the familiar and wander away into the unknown. But you have to trust me. That’s the only way to freedom and pure, genuine love.

Being alone isn’t shameful, scary or tragic. It is a perfectly normal part of this journey called life. You are not less likable, weird, ugly, stupid, unwanted or incompetent if you are single. It’s something you chose to do for yourself after spending half of your life on shitty, useless relationships and toxic people.

Love isn’t supposed to be average. Love is something that should inspire you and make you a better person.

So, don’t be afraid to be alone until you find a person who will prove to you that love is only real in its purest, most profound dimension.

A person who will bring all of your hopes and dreams back and let you know that love can be found in the strangest of places.

Be alone for as much time as you need. Be alone until you realize what’s best for you.

Stay alone until you meet someone who will love you with every part of their heart, but most importantly someone who will be thrilled to show you the deepest, darkest bits of their soul.

Stay alone until you find a beautiful human being who will treat you the way you deserve. A person who will be proud to have you, show you off and visualize a future with you.

Stay alone until you find someone who would enjoy seeing you every day. Someone who would love to spend every minute of their time together and make you the happiest person in the whole world.

Because anything other than that is just not worth your time.

Be alone until you find a genuine and pure heart who will care for you.

Someone who will love you in sickness and in health.

Someone who will bring your breakfast in bed.

Someone who will kiss you on your forehead and hug you until you fall asleep.

Someone who will be considerate of your feelings.

Someone who will listen to everything you have to say, not because they have to, but because they love exploring the real you.

Stay alone until you find a person who knows how and when to say “I’m sorry”. Protect your soul and guard your feelings until you meet your destined soulmate. Someone who owns the same vulnerable soul and clean heart as yours.

Choose to be alone and find yourself until someone who is worthy of your love comes and sweeps you off your feet.

Love is a profound emotion that shouldn’t be taken for granted. Love is supposed to inspire you to move forward, not discourage you from conquering greater heights.

So, stay strong. And believe me, one day, it will all be worth it.

Image: Ines Rehberger

Stephanie Reeds