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Don’t Fear To Open Your Heart To The Person You Love The Most

Don’t Fear To Open Your Heart To The Person You Love The Most

Stop letting fear stop you from being with the person your heart desires. Stop telling your friends how much you like or love someone and not doing anything about it. If the person with whom you are in love doesn’t have a clue about it, then you will certainly lose them.

If they don’t have any idea how much they mean to you, then you are robbing yourself of the possibility to be with them. Allow yourself to be vulnerable and brave. Make the first move. Even if they don’t reciprocate your feelings, it is still better than not knowing where you stand.

Don’t hide your heart from them. Don’t hide your feelings. Open up and you will learn how they feel about you. You may actually find that they have been feeling the same all along. Therefore, go for it. Don’t wait and assume things in your mind. Don’t miss out on your chance to have something wonderful together.

Stop holding back your feelings. You are only harming yourself. Think about it, what could possibly happen if you express them? Are you happy right now, overthinking and hitting your head against a wall trying to figure out how they feel? You could save yourself from the agony and the questions just by being honest with them.

Your loved one is not a mind reader. They cannot guess how you feel about them even though you think you are obvious.

So, stop hiding your feelings from them. Stop playing it safe because it won’t lead you anywhere. The longer you wait, the more bitter and disappointed you’ll become. Even if they don’t have feelings for you, you may get your heart broken, but you’ll know the truth. And then, you can start with your healing process and finally move on from them and onto someone new. So, either way, it is in your best interest.

So, do it today! Have faith in yourself and the power of your love.

Mary Wright