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You Deserve A Person Who Stays By Your Side – Not Someone Who Leaves


I’m sure some of you cope with the heart-wrenching feeling of wanting a person who left to come back. I, myself, used to wait for them to come back for quite a long time.

My soul and heart ached for their loving embrace from the very second, they left. I spent days torturing my mind and contemplating their actions. Or was it really my fault?

Very soon, the day came when they reappeared, saying that their life was empty and miserable without me. Promising me all the world and assuring me they would never ever leave me again.

I know my younger self would be thrilled to welcome them back and still love them with the same fire. Luckily, she was long gone and faded just like the fire inside of me.

I finally realized, this mess is not worth it. My younger self might have faded in the past, but she is responsible for the person I became today. And my older self will never again settle for something that once left me heartbroken.

I won’t settle for the person who made me suffer and came back like a maddening tornado to collapse my world again when I finally managed to heal my wounds. I deserve a person who will never leave my side, not someone who comes back.

Someone who’ll never give up on me when the road gets rocky and tough, but rather would be brave enough to pass it because they have me beside them. Someone who will be there to hold me close to them when the rain starts falling onto us. Someone who won’t leave, but will choose to stay, every single day.

I deserve a person who won’t go running for the hills when I finally reveal my secret chapter and tell them about all the things I am ashamed of. Things that I promised myself not to tell anyone. A special someone who won’t be annoyed by the secrets I confided in them. I deserve someone who’ll never leave no matter how dark and scary it might get.

But most of all, you all deserve someone who won’t be afraid to commit to you and won’t leave when you tell them just how much you love them. An honest and mature individual who would fall in love with the idea to make you happy and feel something you’ve never felt before.

We all deserve a real, genuine person, who won’t be scared to project their deepest feelings about us. Someone who will love us with a fiery passion that consumes their soul and most importantly someone who won’t be afraid of our love. On the contrary, a person who would enjoy telling us just how much they love us.

I deserve a person who will choose me and will keep choosing me, even if they could get anyone they want. Someone who won’t see me as an “option”, but a person who would dedicate their life to our mutual understanding and love. They are rare individuals, but these people will realize you worth and assure you that love really exists.

We all deserve someone who won’t leave when the party stops and it’s not exciting anymore, or when life gets exhausting and overwhelming, or when you hit an obstacle in life and you feel confused.

Someone who would remind us of our strength and our greatness when our spirits are low. A person who wouldn’t want to leave us alone fighting our battles. We need someone who will constantly remind us that we’ve survived, we’re fighters and we can do this! We can do anything!

Because the one that left and came back might do it again. But the one that decided to stay, showed that even though they could’ve left, they chose not to.

 And that’s the only person worthy of our love. That’s exactly the one you deserve to be with.

Image: Ma_Co2013

Stephanie Reeds


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