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Children Who Have Strong Relationships With Their Grandparents End Up Happier


Our beloved grandparents are a very important part of our family. They are the ones who spoiled us as little kids and they are the ones whose love for us is unconditional everlasting.

Their gentle hands took care of us when we were sick, their soft kisses and hugs still warm our hearts and we still remember the time we spent listening to our grandparents telling us bedtime stories.

The love between a grandparent and their grandchild is special. It is patient, open-minded, comforting, unconditional, and safe.

Also, some studies have shown that children who grew up with their grandparents are performing better in school, are not problematic, and overall are more generous, loving, and kind.

Moreover, Oxford research showed that children who have strong relationships and are close to their grandparents end up happier and are less likely to suffer from depression in the future.

The researchers examined data from more than 1,500 children and the statistics they got proved that children who lived with their grandparents or are close to them are happier and don’t have emotional problems as opposed to kids who didn’t live or visit their grandparents often.

Grandchildren also help their grandparents stay young at heart, joyful, and active thus making them live longer.

So, dear parents, let your kids spend time with their grandparents as much as they can. Let them give each other love and spread happiness!

Mary Wright