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Sometimes An Ex Returns Into Your Life To See If You’re Still Stupid

Sometimes An Ex Returns Into Your Life To See If You’re Still Stupid

After breaking up with you and leaving you sad and disappointed, your ex may try to come back into your life for a second, a third, or even a fourth chance.

And when they do, it is often because they either miss you and realized they’ve made a mistake, or they don’t have anyone in their life and know you will fall again for their manipulations and games and entertain them until they find someone else.

If you find yourself in this situation, banging your head against the wall, not knowing what to do and whether they deserve another chance, hear me out: They don’t. And here’s why.

THEY BROKE YOUR TRUST. You trusted them. You believed that what you two have was special. You believed them when they whispered “forever” while holding your hand and kissing you gently. And what did they do? They abandoned you. They broke their promises. So, if you ever feel tempted to go back to them, ask yourself, “Can you be in a relationship with someone you don’t trust?”

Sometimes An Ex Returns Into Your Life To See If You’re Still Stupid

DON’T FORGET WHY YOU TWO BROKE UP. Breakups are hard, but sometimes it is the best thing we can do for us if we don’t want to lose our sanity. Therefore, when your ex comes knocking on your door, remember the reasons for the breakup. Because the mind can play tricks on you as you may only be remembering the good times that happened while forgetting all the pain and frustration that you were feeling.

After all, people don’t just wake up and decide to break up when they are in a happy relationship. Breakups usually happen because of all the anger and resentment that was building between you. So, you must be true to yourself and see things clearly.

THEY MAY AND PROBABLY WILL LEAVE YOU AGAIN. When you are in a relationship with someone you love, then it is a natural thing to plan a future with them. And when the person you love breaks up with you, your whole world crumbles. So, when your ex returns to you, asking you to take them back, remember the possibility that they may do the same thing again. They may leave and break your heart again. Are you willing to go through the same thing?

DON’T GO BACK TO THEM JUST BECAUSE YOU MISS HAVING SOMEONE. Not having anyone else in your life and missing being intimate with someone is not a valid reason that you should go back to your ex. Don’t go back to them just because you are lonely, and they are familiar, and you feel comfortable around them. You should never go back into the arms of someone who has hurt you just because you are lonely.

FINALLY, DON’T LET THEM FOOL YOU THAT THEY WILL CHANGE. They never will. At least, not for you. When a person shows you their true colors, trust them.

Because sometimes an ex comes back into your life to see whether you are still stupid and fall for their tricks and fake promises. DON’T.

Mary Wright