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Being Mentally And Emotionally Exhausted Is A Serious Sign You Need A Break

Being Mentally And Emotionally Exhausted Is A Serious Sign You Need A Break

Life is like an unpredictable, crazy rollercoaster ride. One minute you’re up in the sky and the next minute you are suddenly down. The worst thing about it? You don’t get to say when it goes up or down. It is a machinery that operates on its own. It doesn’t ask how you are, it doesn’t care how you feel and it doesn’t stop for anyone…

So, considering how fast-paced and chaotic today’s world is, it is pretty difficult to handle all that madness. No matter how strong you are. No matter how much in control you think you. Because guess what? You are never in control…

This is why we’re known as The Burnout Generation.

We’re emotionally and mentally drained, but we do very little about it… We fail to take care of ourselves because we refuse to admit that we might not be as strong as we thought we were…

Well, I think it’s time to change that.

Here are 7 signs that you might be mentally and emotionally exhausted:

1. You have no motivation. No inspiration, no strength, no will to do something. You feel like you are incapable of getting any work done. You search for motivation everywhere around you, but you can’t seem to find what you need. Your dreams that once gave you the strength to move forward are no longer there. If this is your case, take a break. Take a break from everything in your life and just be with yourself for a while.

2. You are easily irritated. You should be out there doing the best you can, yet you feel like you can’t even lift a finger. It’s okay. We’ve all been there.  Don’t beat yourself up. Most importantly, don’t force yourself to do anything if you feel ‘useless’. Focus your energy on healing yourself. That’s the least you can do for yourself.

3. You experience severe anxiety attacks. If stress is something that you are very familiar with for a long time, it is more than clear that you need to slow down and reanalyze your next moves. Your wellbeing should be your number one priority.

4. You feel like crying for no reason. You get this sudden urge and at that very moment, it feels like there is nothing you could do to calm yourself. You get in this hypersensitive state of mind in which you feel completely helpless and you just burst into tears. It is your only coping mechanism at this moment… Let it all out. That’s the only way you will heal.

5. You feel dizzy and nauseous more than often. This is a serious signal from your body that you mustn’t ignore. A mental and emotional breakdown manifests physically as well. Learn your body language and take matters into your hand.

6. You have trouble falling asleep at night. Your mind is a mess. You often feel like you are out of place. Like you are not even there inside your body. This is a serious sign that you might be going through something more serious than simply physical fatigue. Don’t avoid your body’s cries for help.

7. You start to feel detached. Or in other words comfortably numb. You don’t feel sadness, nor happiness. You feel nothing… You can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, you can’t find the bright side of life, you no longer have hopes for tomorrow… This is a stage that you mustn’t reach. So, if you by any chance found yourself in this article, please… take as much time as you need and rest your exhausted soul.

Pause. Breathe. Repeat. You owe it to yourself.

Stephanie Reeds