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Being Married To An Addict Is Like Being In A Loop Of Hell And You Can’t Find The Way Out

Being Married To An Addict Is Like Being In A Loop Of Hell And You Can’t Find The Way Out

Before you start judging the person who is married to an addict, saying they are naïve and stupid for not walking away, let me tell you this. Every person’s story is unique and different and you don’t know how they got involved in a situation like that. But, I can tell you that leaving an addict is hard. Those people involved with addicts love them more than anything in the world and would do everything in their power to save them.

They can go through several years of happiness and good moments when their partner is clean only for the things to change unexpectedly where their lover once again turns into a monster whose addictions get the best of them. And when they beg you for help and beg you to stay with them, you just can’t leave them alone.

There are times when addicts pretend like they are not using anything, and they function like normal people. But, you know that they are addicted and your heart is tearing apart when you look at your marriage and see you and your partner drifting away from one another.

Being married to an addict means having to fight every day for yourself and for the person you love. You hate to see them suffering and struggling and you hate them for being like that while at the same time you love the person that is behind the addiction, the person you fell in love with.

So, you decide to stay and not give on them. But you are surrounded by people who tell you to leave. People who don’t understand your struggle and think they know the best.

However, your person is not getting better. So, you know that sooner or later you must decide for yourself and choose your life over their disease. You know that they are not going to change and by staying with them you are ruining your happiness and your sanity. You know that leaving them is the only option you have, but every time you decide to do it, you stop yourself and once again you are stuck in the loop of hell not being able to find your way out…

Mary Wright