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Your Life Is Nothing But A Mirror Reflecting Your Thoughts And The People In It

Your Life Is Nothing But A Mirror Reflecting Your Thoughts And The People In It

Life. Why are we so convinced that life is just a series of random events?

What is it about us that makes it easier to accept that life is random but stops us from reflecting on the idea that life might in fact be what we make it?

The first thing that comes to mind is fear. Fear of responsibility. Fear of being in charge of things. Fear of beginnings. Fear of being free.

And it is fear. It is nothing more than fear.

The truth is, we are so lost in the idea that life is random and that we don’t exactly have the power to change the things that happen to us on a daily basis, that we don’t actually see life for what it is.

A unique creation of our own. Our very own work of art.

Just think about it. Every person that comes into our life, every experience, every little thing that becomes your reality is a part of your life because you attracted it. Your current state of mind, your current flow of thoughts, your current needs and wishes, your current cravings needed those experiences, people, things in your life.

As much as you hate to agree on this, your reality, no matter how much you despise it or wish to change it, is a mirror reflecting your inner world.

The best way to understand this is if you take a look at the people in your life. Your friendships, your relationships, the people you met, and fell instantly attracted to. Even those who come into your life and leave. All of those people are excellent mirrors for who you truly are and how much you love and respect yourself. The things in them that stand out the most to us, the things that we find appealing in those people are the things that remind us most of ourselves. These things, these traits are familiar to us, so naturally, they help us connect with those people.

But, those are not the only things we notice about them. There are other things that also say a lot about us and those are the things that we often find annoying in others.

When you actively dislike something or hate it even, that is only because there is something about it that resonates with you on some level. A part of that thing is deeply ingrained inside of you. And it has a big meaning to you, but you are afraid to focus on it and work it out. Because focusing on it will most likely force you to face the scariest, darkest parts of yourself. Sides of you that perhaps you are not ready to deal with. Parts of you that make you hate yourself.

Let’s face it, none of us cares to admit that we’re flawed. That sometimes, no matter how kind and fair we try to be, we are also bossy, insecure, unethical, mean, lazy, stupid, etc.

Still, in the end…accepting those scary parts of ourselves is exactly what we need to do in order to move on and find our happiness.

You need to understand that life is nothing more than what you make it. In fact, here’s the truth. What you focus on you create more of in your life. If you are consciously or unconsciously focused on certain beliefs about who you are, or who you want to be, or don’t want to be, you will attract people in your life with the same traits. And life will continue to test you that way until one day you finally decide to face those issues that are constantly mirrored back at you and work on them.

Stephanie Reeds