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Be Brave To Rebuild Yourself Even After Everything You’ve Been Through

Be Brave To Rebuild Yourself Even After Everything You’ve Been Through

La vita è bella. Life is beautiful.

It’s the most incredible journey there is. A journey that challenges you, teaches you, helps you grow, pushes you to your limits, gets you out of your comfort zone, helps you become a better version of yourself.

But life is also unpredictably brutal. And sometimes it gets really difficult. Sometimes it takes everything from you and forces you to deal with the loss. It closes the doors on you and leaves all alone in the darkness. It faces you with obstacles and situations that you never expected to experience. It destroys your world and leaves you hopeless…

Yes, sometimes life is unfair like that. It gives and then it takes away from you. Those who have been through such experiences know how hard it is to recover from that pain and find their way out of the darkness. They know how terrifying it is to search for the light in times like those. But, you know what else they know?

They know that no matter how scary and dark the road may seem in a certain moment, there is always a light somewhere out there. It may not be much light, but it’s always there. And it is proof that nothing lasts forever. That no matter how heavy the rain is, the sun always comes.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel, you just have to be patient and brave enough to survive the darkness to reach it.

There is also life after pain.  You just have to be brave to rebuild yourself.

You have to be brave to reinvent your entire world. To get back on your feet and decide that from on, you will have a say in everything that you do in your life. That from now on you will use your voice to protect yourself and fight for what you believe in. To release yourself from the mental cage that you’ve put yourself in, spread your wings, and fly.

You have to be brave to pick your broken pieces, glue yourself together, and continue your journey. You have to find the strength to carry on after your downfalls even if you are all alone. To grab life by the horns and say  “I can do this!” To own up to your mistakes for once in your life and understand that you are just a human being, after all.

You have to be brave to be who you are. Unapologetically yourself. To let the world know that you will no longer tolerate less than what you deserve. That you will no longer be satisfied with the crumbs. That you are not afraid to be loud when it comes to the things you care about. You have to be strong to fight for the life you dream of.

It takes time to find the strength and courage to do this, it really does. But once you decide to go for it, it will happen very smoothly. And right then and there you will realize how strong you really were to overcome the pain and keep moving forward.   

Believe me, there is nothing better you can do for yourself than this.

Choose to turn over a new leaf. Dare to change your life. And then watch how everything you once dreamed of unravels in front of your eyes…

Stephanie Reeds