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One Day You Will Come Across Someone Who Will Love You Purely

One Day You Will Come Across Someone Who Will Love You Purely

Love is incredible, but love can also be painful. It can give you everything you ever dreamed of and then in just a blink of an eye, take everything away from you. It can make you the richest, but also the poorest person alive. It can destroy all of your hopes and rob of your dreams. It can teach you life’s lessons in the worst possible way.

Love can scar you for life. It really can.

It can put you in a very dark place. A place where nothing grows. A place where all of your fears and insecurities intensify. A place that is really difficult to leave.

That’s the place you are stuck in right now, isn’t it?

I know. I can see it in your eyes. You don’t even have to say the word, your gaze speaks of the pain you go through right now. Your forced smile gives you away. You are hurt. You’ve been through a big fight. You’ve given every bit of yourself to another person and they gambled everything away. You’ve opened your heart and soul to this person, and they took all of that for granted. They took advantage of your vulnerability. They played you.

So, here you are. Caged. Imprisoned. Stuck inside that dark place. Alone and afraid. Terrified of getting your heart broken once again. Lost, confused, and exhausted. Exhausted of giving out chances. Exhausted of trying. Exhausting of believing.

And I get you. I really do. I’ve been there once myself. I know what that place does to you. I know how painful heartbreaks are.

But I also know this.

There is a person for you in this world. A person whose heart beats the same way as yours. A person whose soul sings in the same language. A person whose eyes carry the same universe that yours do. A person that is made from the very same stardust that you are made of. A person who is meant to find you and fall in with you.

They are real and they are out there. But you will never know for sure when your paths will cross.  You will never know for sure when you’ll get to see them for the first time, feel their warm embrace, kiss them, touch them, look inside their eyes… You will never know this until one day, they show up.

All you can do right now is have faith. Find a way out of that dark maze that you are stuck in and believe. Believe that love exists. That even though life can get pretty difficult and tiring, it always has something wonderful for you in-store. Believe that there is a person out there who is ready to be with you and love you the way you deserve. Believe that it is your destiny to meet them. Believe that life can truly be wonderful and rewarding. And one day, all of that will come true.

One day, you will find them.

One day you will find a person who will love you purely and prove to you that only love can mend a broken heart.

Stephanie Reeds