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5 Powerful Ways To Heal Your Trauma And Become Emotionally Free


1. Identify your feelings. Be aware of anything that goes on inside yourself. Every emotion that flows through you. And start writing them down. Yes, you’ve read it right. Start a journal where you will write down your feelings, but also your emotional triggers. What upset you, what threw you off balance, what scared you, what gave you strength and courage. Write down everything. That way, it will be much easier for you to reflect on what you go through. Write it all down and go back to your journal every time you need some kind of clarification. It will help you much more than you can imagine.

2. Track the origin of your triggers. Every time you feel something, focus on finding the root of your emotions, rather than blaming someone else for them. Believe it or not, there is always a reason for the way you feel. And, it is always you the one who is responsible for the way you feel. No one else. So look carefully. Look deep inside you and search for the meaning. Dig deep, but most importantly, be patient on your journey. For these things take time. Self-awareness takes a great amount of knowledge that can be acquired only through making mistakes, learning, and accepting that failures are an essential part of your growth.

3. Free yourself from the negative beliefs. Imagine that you are entering a big glass box and for a certain amount of time you are isolated from everyone and everything. You cannot be influenced by anyone’s opinion, cannot be touched by what people say or do. Feels powerful, huh? Safer, right? Well, now look around you. There is no glass box, no nothing. You are right here. And everyone else is right there. Their opinions exist, but they have no power over you. You know why? It’s because you’ve released yourself from them. You’ve released yourself from the expectations of others and you are finally free.

4. Give yourself time. Allow yourself to process everything that you are going through. And even if you are not there, act as if you have completely adopted a new, positive belief. You are going that way. And sooner or later, you will get there. The only thing that matters is how you do it. The pace of your journey is yours to decide. Don’t let anyone pressure you. It is your wellbeing that we are talking about. Your own wounds that need tending to.

5. Seek guidance. If none of this helps you and you feel like you are struggling, seek help. Sometimes we are not as strong as we think we are. And sometimes help is more than needed. There is nothing embarrassing about this. Admitting that you are weak and that you cannot do this on your own is just a sign that you are only human. It doesn’t mean that you are less. It just means that your emotions are overwhelming and they blur your vision. They make it hard for you to see things clearly. It’s okay. Embrace your weakness. Accept yourself the way you are. 

Stephanie Reeds