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Any Man Can Create Life, But It Takes Someone Special To Be A Dad


Anyone can create a life. Any man can become a father. But rare are the ones who know how to shape that life and help their kids take the right path in life.

It takes someone special to take responsibility for his children, love them unconditionally and dedicate his life to their physical and spiritual development.

Being a parent, a father doesn’t mean paying the bills, buying the food and fighting with them because they need to learn the hard way. It doesn’t mean punishing them because that is the only way they’ll understand.

You are not a dad because you’ve created a life and your name is now written down on a piece of paper. You are not a dad because your genes are passed on to a new generation.

You are not dad because you put a roof over their heads and food on their tables. You are not a dad if they’re your blood.

These things may make you a father, but it takes unconditional love and sacrifices to call yourself a dedicated and loving dad.

Because a dad is not only there to take the kids to school and pick them up. His role is not a driver.

A dad is always here. He sticks when it’s difficult. And he goes out of his way to do everything his kids need. Even if the marriage is falling apart, a dad never gives up on his family. He finds a way to be close and do the best he can.

A real dad is an example of how a person should behave. How a man should treat a woman, how a man should live life, how relationships work, how adults behave and survive this cruel world of ours.

A dad is someone who teaches us about life. Someone who gives us the first lesson about respect, honesty, integrity, and humbleness. He doesn’t stay out late and come home drunk. He doesn’t avoid the family issues by focusing on work. He never raises his hand. He never insults his wife or kids.

A dad is the best role model you could look up to. He’s a superhero. A guardian angel. A titan. Because he has spent his whole life motivating you to move forward. And he’s still there. Even after you graduate, find a job, move out, get married, have kids. His role is eternal, it doesn’t end just because you’re now all grown up and settled down.

A real dad sacrifices himself for his children. His number one priority in life are his kids. He knows everything about them. What food they prefer, what makes them passionate, what drives them crazy, how they deal with life, what they want to work, how’s their current love life, what are their weaknesses as well as their strengths.

Most importantly, a real dad doesn’t assume that his children’s love and respect is something he has only gained by bringing them into this world and raising them. He understands that being a dad takes effort, sacrifices, and unconditional love.

Being a dad means doing everything in your power to earn that respect and nurture that love.

For all eternity.

Stephanie Reeds