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A Toxic Relationship Will Bring Out The Worst In You And You’ll Become Toxic As Well

A Toxic Relationship Will Bring Out The Worst In You

When you are in a toxic relationship for a long time, it is normal for you to develop toxic behaviors in order to cope with the toxicity you are facing. Toxic relationships can indeed turn anyone into a bad person by bringing out the worst in them.

Toxic relationships are deadly. If you find yourself in a toxic relationship it is vital for you to immediately get out of it for the sake of your own good.

Because, when you are in a relationship with a cheater, a person you can’t trust, someone who makes you question everything, and fear they will abandon you, you can start behaving like a “crazy” person. You will begin overthinking everything and making yourself paranoid by stalking your partner to see if they are lying to you. You will start looking for evidence that they are not honest with you, that they have another person, and they will leave you thus breaking your heart.

Instead of putting an end to your pain and suffering, you will decide to stay and so, you will soon become someone you don’t recognize. You won’t even stand to look at yourself in the mirror.

When you are in a relationship with someone who looks at new ways to pick fights, who rages whenever something doesn’t go their way, or someone with whom you can’t have a proper conversation because they are always insulting you and raising their voice – you will begin to censor yourself.

You will stop telling them things that happened to you during the day out of fear that they might get jealous and mad at you. You will start deleting every text you get however innocent because you fear that something bad will happen if they find out. You will turn into a liar; a sneaky manipulator. Someone who walks on eggshells. Someone you don’t recognize anymore…

When you are in a relationship with a conflicting person, someone who argues for fun, someone who loves drama – you will eventually get used to the arguments and the constant fighting. You will fight back. You will scream. You will insult them and say things you have never said before. You may even do things that you will regret.

And even though you want to fight for yourself with all your heart and leave the abuser and the toxic relationship behind, you will still stay because you are addicted to it. That is the mistake that every person who becomes a victim in a toxic relationship makes. They stay. They forget about themselves. They turn into people they no longer recognize and receive the abuse with open arms.

If you are trapped in a toxic cycle – leave! Start fresh. Remove the shackles that keep you bounded to the toxic partner. You can start healing by working on your trust, abandonment, and commitment issues. But first, you must end the relationship and forgive yourself for staying.

Mary Wright