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Mentally Tough People Don’t Let Stress Have Control Over Their Lives

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We live in a fast-paced society where it’s become impossible to avoid stress. Whether it is caused by our relationships, both romantic and otherwise, our hectic work schedule, or our financial or health problems, stress is lurking behind every corner like a horrendous monster.

But, while some people get stressed out at the first sign of adversity, mentally tough people respond to whatever challenges may come their way. They actually perceive adversity as an opportunity to grow, both personally and professionally. Whether they are dealing with health problems, workplace challenges, or financial setbacks, they don’t let stress have control over their lives.

Following are 6 ways mentally tough people handle stress successfully:

1. They take care of their health.

Mentally tough individuals recognize the importance of maintaining their physical well-being. They know that they won’t be able to manage stress if they are tired and drained. That’s the reason why they consume healthy food, exercise a couple of times a week, and get plenty of sleep.

2. They view stress as part of life.

They embrace the fact that stress is an inseparable part of life. They understand that problems and setbacks are inevitable. When they’re faced with a stressful situation, they do everything in their power to move forward. Even when they aren’t able to change the difficult circumstances, they know that they can always do something to better their lives.

3. They try to remain optimistic in tough circumstances.

This doesn’t mean that they perceive the world through rose-tinted glasses. They have a realistic outlook on life, but they do look on the bright side of life in difficult circumstances. Instead of letting their problems turn them into helpless victims or depressed people, they choose to use tough circumstances to become wiser and tougher.

4. They manage their time wisely.

People usually feel stressed out when they think that they don’t have enough time to fulfill their daily tasks.

Mentally strong people understand the importance of effective time management. That’s why they make sure they plan ahead. In this way, they maximize their personal effectiveness and avoid getting caught in a stressful situation.

5. They opt for healthy coping skills.

While some individuals turn to fast food, alcohol, or even drugs to help them combat stress, mentally tough individuals handle stress in a healthy and productive way. For example, they turn to healthy activities, such as practicing a hobby, going for a walk, or practicing yoga to overcome emotional pain.

6. They use positive self-talk.

When mentally strong people are faced with adversity, instead of letting stress drag them down, they use positive affirmations in order to remind themselves of how capable they’re of handling stressful circumstances.

For instance, they say things to themselves, such as, “I’ve dealt with worse problems before. I can overcome this as I did last time.”

Riley Cooper