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A Relationship With A Good-Hearted Woman With A Complex Mind Is Challenging But Also Amazing

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Being in a relationship with a woman who has a good heart, but a complex mind can be a struggle. You should be prepared to do things you were not used to before. Because this woman is fiery. She is not an ordinary woman. 

Yes, she is a woman that is very kind and soft,  however, the sharpness and complexity of her mind make her unique and not an easy woman to deal with. She has a mind on her own. She is independent. She has clear boundaries and doesn’t let anyone overstep them. 

So, here are 9 things that you should remember before you start dating this kind of woman.

1. She Appreciates Your Effort

This is not the kind of woman who can be easily satisfied with luxurious things and exotic travels. She appreciates small things. A warm hug and a loving kiss will mean more to her than any material gifts. Those small things make her happy because they show her how much you care. And that’s what truly matters.

2. She Constantly Overthinks

This woman’s brain works non-stop. So, she is prone to making scenarios and imagining things that may not be real at all. And because of her habit of overanalyzing things, she may be confusing at times and be all loving to you one day, only to turn cold the other.

3. She Will Never Accept A Mediocre Relationship

She is an all-or-nothing type of woman. She wants relationships that are deep and meaningful and that’s why she will never settle for a mediocre, passionless relationship. She wants to feel that you two have the spark between you and that the bond between you is truly special.

4. She Has A Hard Time Expressing Her Feelings

She may love you with all her heart, but she may never tell you that. It is difficult for her to express her feelings because she wants to feel secure first. She also doesn’t want to appear vulnerable. That’s her defensive mechanism. So, try to be more understanding of her and give her the time she needs. Because when this woman says ‘I love you’ she really means it.

5. She Will Challenge You

This woman won’t do things to make you like her. She won’t laugh at your every joke. She is someone who is perfectly okay with the fact that some people like her, and some don’t. She doesn’t try to impress anyone. That’s why you’ll feel challenged to bring the relationship to the next level and not stop pushing forward and become a better and better person every day.

6. Her Heart Is Simple

When this woman falls in love, she falls really hard. Sometimes, she feels vulnerable and afraid because she trusts people. She also falls in love with people quickly, especially with those who show her they are different. Her heart is pure and simple, and she is a big believer in love.

7. She Is A Great Listener

Her good heart makes her an amazing listener. She is also someone who gives great advice and understands that good communication is the key to every healthy relationship. She will be there for you whenever you need her, but she wants you to be there for her as well.

8. She Can Be Difficult To Handle At Times

Yes, she might come off as difficult, but once she is yours – she is yours forever. She will be your friend, lover, partner in crime, and your biggest cheerleader. This woman is full of excitement and you’ll never get bored with her.

9. She Has Control Issues

She is a control freak about everything in her life – her career, relationships, family, friends… everything. She wants to control everything because she feels that’s the only way to calm herself and stop overthinking.

Finally, even though this woman can be challenging and difficult to deal with, I promise you – she is worth it!  

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Mary Wright