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Hookups?Here are 5 reasons you need a friend with benefits.

The Best Way To Find A Real Friend Is To Be One

We all like punching. It’s so obvious that it probably doesn’t even need to be stated. Getting hooked up is what drives us in everything we do. What’s the point of being wealthy and successful if you’re not using it to get laid? The only reason most guys go to work every day is to have money to spend on romance with some partner. You get to the weekend and head right out to the pub, club, or wherever your hunting grounds are. You spend the money you spent the week making while you try to impress any woman that catches your eye. Hopefully, you’re successful and you bring her back to your place for a bang fest. She leaves in the morning, you chill out for a day, and then it’s right back to the grind. You go to work, make money, hit the weekend, and do it all over again. What if it could be easier, though?

#1 Clubs are always hot or miss

The major problem with hunting for a lay in a club is that you’re not always successful. That’s why it’s called hunting and not clubbing. A lot of different things have to align for it to work properly. You have to be in the right kind of club to begin with. Not all of them are filled with women looking to hook up. Then you need to attract the attention of the right kind of girl. She has to be hot, she has to be horny, and she has to be willing to leave her friends and take a ride to your bedroom. On top of that, it can get extremely expensive. There are plenty of women out there who only want to give it up in exchange for a whole lot of drinks and expensive food. It happens all of the time and most of the women aren’t even worth it. If they’re not in it for the casual hookup, you’re bound to have a pretty boring roll in the hay with them. Because all they seek must be a good relationship.

#2 Multiple women bring multiple threats

One of the biggest concerns you should have is with STDs. If you’re out there trying to score a different woman every night, you’re bound to run into one with something more to give. It’s not just the big STDs that you have to worry about. There are more than enough of the smaller ones that you’re at a higher risk for and condoms won’t do a damn thing about them. Having to shampoo your junk to get rid of crabs is going to sideline you for a hell of a long time and don’t think you can tell you have them beforehand. The woman you’re banging already banged plenty of other dudes before you.

#3 It can get awkward

Sure, you’re out to get laid and that’s fun. What happens afterward, though? What do you talk about when you roll off of her? Do you have anything at all in common? What if she starts talking politics or about how much she wants to start a family? Random women have no common threads with you and it’s what you have to deal with after the bang.

#4 You can bring home a psycho

Even worse than the awkward conversations, what if you bring home a psycho? It happens to a lot of guys. That one-night stand can get you a girl who’s way too clingy for her own good. Maybe she sees hooking up with you as the first step toward marriage. Maybe she won’t take no for an answer. Now you’re in worse trouble than even the crabs gave you.

#5 Hunting online can take days

So the obvious answer to all of this is using the internet, right? Well, not so fast. Sure, you can find someone online and talk to them before you meet up. How long does that take, though? You could spend days or weeks just trying to find one girl to hook up with. That just doesn’t work for anyone. Unless you’re using a site like BangWild,  listed here, you’re in for a hell of a lot of work for very little payoff.

What’s the solution?

So, those are all the problems with trying to hook up. There are a lot of them, but what’s the solution? Well, that’s easy! You need to find a friend with benefits instead! A girl that you can hook up with but not date is the answer to every single one of your problems. You never have to go on the hunt again! You won’t have to take her out for dinner or spend money on drinks. She’s going to be your friend, so you know you’re not dealing with a psycho. You can even have fun after you bang instead of having awkward conversations!

Make your best hookup friend today

The key to all off this is that she’s your friend. A hookup friend is the best thing you can get for yourself and there are plenty to choose from. Take a look at the best hookup tips and you’ll see how much better hooking up with a friend can be for you. The girls are hot and they’re just as horny for a hook as you are. They just come without the drama!

David Smith