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My Regret Isn’t That I Loved You, It’s That I Forgot To Love Myself


I won’t deny that I was madly and deeply in love with you. Being with you was the most passionate romance of my life. I was completely enamored with you, captivated by how wonderful I believed that you were. If I had known then how blind I really was, maybe I would have saved myself so much heartache.

I don’t have many regrets about our relationship, and I certainly don’t regret us being together. There is, however, one thing I wish I could have changed. My regret isn’t that I loved you, it’s that I forgot to love myself when I was with you.

Finding You Wasn’t a Mistake

Honestly, I’m glad I met you. Despite how things turned out, I have so many happy memories from our time together. The universe has a plan for us all and I know that you came into my life for a reason.

What was a mistake though, was the way that meeting you changed me. I let myself become consumed with you. In my mind, you were the most amazing person that I’d ever met. Because of that, I gave myself entirely to you. I centered my whole life around yours just because of the sparks that I felt when we first met.

Choosing You Wasn’t a Mistake

I followed my heart when it came to you and I will never regret that. When my heart told me that you were the one for me, I listened. Listening to my instinct is not something that I will ever apologize for, even if my instinct was wrong.

Despite that, I did mess up in one way. Yes, I chose you as the person that I wanted to be with, but it didn’t end there. I chose you over me. Instead of remembering to look after myself as well as having you around, all I thought about was you. I let my own needs go unfulfilled just because I wanted you.

I put you first, thinking that you’d do the same for me. Sadly, I was so wrong. You only thought of yourself and didn’t care how much I was giving you. No matter what I did for you, you took it for granted and wanted more. It left me trying over and over again to get you to see my efforts, all while I forgot about myself.

I Would Never Take Any of It Back

This relationship was one of the hardest I’ve had in my life. It left me completely heartbroken, mentally exhausted, and spiritually destroyed.  I lost so much of myself because of how much I gave to you. Although I know it was a mistake, I wouldn’t take any of it back.

In all honesty, if I had the chance to go back and change it all, I wouldn’t. Although I can see my mistakes clearly now, that doesn’t mean that I’m not glad about what I’ve learned along the way. The errors I made with you taught me a valuable lesson. It showed me that no matter how much I love someone else, I can’t forget about myself. I need to be my number one priority. I need to love myself.

My only real regret is losing myself to you. Although I wish I could turn back time and remember to show myself more respect, I can’t do that. Now, I just need to learn from my own mistakes and start taking care of me. Despite how things went between us though, I will never regret loving you, I will only regret not loving myself too.

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Eva Jackson

Eva Jackson

Eva Jackson is a professional writer with a strong affinity towards the psychological, spiritual, and scientific aspects of the world. Her goal is to encourage others to learn and broaden their understanding of new things.
Eva Jackson

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