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25 Things I’d Much Rather Be Than Just Being Pretty


Our society and many others are obsessed with beauty. We have a certain standard that people believe they have to adhere to if they want to be liked and respected. Despite this obsession, I don’t want to conform to that standard.

Being beautiful is overrated and there’re so many better things that you could be. Here are 25 things I’d much rather be than pretty.

1. Loyal

The people that I have in my life are important to me. They need to know that I will stick by them no matter what.

2. Charismatic

I want to walk into a room and immediately attract the people around me.

3. Fervent

What’s life without passion. I need to have strong passions in my life that I will never be afraid of having displayed to the world.

4. Captivating

I want to be the kind of person that takes your breath away. Looks may do that too, but I want it to be because of who I am.

5. Intelligent

You’ll never get anywhere in life without some sort of intelligence. Although I may not be an expert in everything, I want to be clever enough to feel proud of everything that I’ve learned.

6. Kind

In my opinion, kindness will always be the most important trait that a person can have. Being compassionate is something I will always strive for.

7. Trustworthy

My friends and family need to know that they can tell me anything. No matter what, I’ll listen to them and keep their secrets as well.

8. Understanding

No one would trust someone who isn’t understanding. I never want to be the kind of person who judges others.

9. Poetic

Through the way I speak, the way I move, and the way I behave, I want to be elegant and melodious.

10. Committed

I will always try to be the kind of person who goes after what they want. Although life may get in the way sometimes, I want to remain focused and dedicated.

11. Philanthropic

I’m blessed to be in a position where I have everything that I need to be healthy and thrive. To me, it will always be important that I share what I can with people who don’t have enough.

12. Humble

I know what my strengths are. Despite that, I don’t want to be the kind of person who brags about everything. No matter what, I’ll stay humble.

13. Observant

I will not allow the world to pass me by without me noticing it. Far from it, I will give the world my full attention.

14. Honest

No one deserves to be deceived and lied to, so I will never disrespect someone in that way.

15. Conscientious

I want to be diligent, careful, methodical, and to take my work very seriously. However easy it may be to slack off, it would be worse for me in the long run.

16. Empathetic

People in the world are suffering, and I never want to be someone who can turn a blind eye to that.

17. Self-Reliant

In spite of who I may have been in the past, now I want to be independent. I know that I’m a strong person who can do things for themselves.

18. Surprising

Life is far too short to be boring. I want to stand out, excite people, and fill the world with color.

19. Curious

Without curiosity, we would have never found that the Earth isn’t flat and that there are solar systems beyond ours. I want to always ask questions and seek to learn more.

20. Romantic

I want to believe that real romance exists. Instead of being skeptical when I see a romantic movie or hear a love song, I want to embrace it.

21. Patient

Of course, I want to keep working and succeed in my goals as fast as possible, but sometimes it’s good to know when to wait.

22. Considerate

I’ve had people walk all over me without considering how it may affect me. That sort of treatment hurts and I never want to give it to someone else.

23. Loving

Love is one of the greatest gifts that life has given us. I love my friends, my family, and my partner and I never want to let that go.

24. Unparallel

You either stand out or you end up lost in the crowd. My greatest joy would be knowing that there’s no one else quite like me.

25. Free

I want to be free to be whoever I want to be. Although sometimes I may not know what that means, I want the freedom to find that out.

Looks may fade, but who you are as a person will stay with you forever. If all you are is pretty, then you don’t really have much at all. What’s more important to me is who I am and the life that I lead.

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Eva Jackson