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A Dad Is Everything That A Girl Could Ever Need


When a baby girl is born into this Earth, she’s immediately given the greatest gift that she could ever receive. She’s born with a father. Little does she know now, just how important he will be to her throughout the rest of her life. Although not every girl is blessed enough to have a father who will raise her right, those who are will be given a world of happiness.

When you give a girl a dad, you give her more than just a father. A dad is everything that a girl could ever need.

He’s Her Role Model

From the time she first puts her little hand around his finger, until the day that she starts a family of her own, she’ll look to her dad for guidance. He’s shown her how to be a good person, how to be strong, and how to stand up for herself. Although life can get tough, she knows that she can survive it. She had a dad that taught her how to get through any obstacle in life.

A dad is the first man that she will ever love, and he loves her unconditionally. Because of that, she’s never going to settle for a man who doesn’t appreciate her when she’s older. Any guy that wants to be a part of her life will need to match up to the kindness and respect that her father showed her.

He’s Her Biggest Support

One of the hardest facts of life to accept is that life is constantly changing. Everything is moving forward all the time and that can make you feel lost and confused if you have nothing to cling on to. Thankfully, dads play that role for girls everywhere. He’s her rock when things get tough.

When she’s down, he’ll always be a shoulder for her to cry on. Not only that, but he’ll pick her up and help her keep going too. No matter what’s going on in her life, he’ll be there to support her and cheer her on.

It’s not just through the bad times either, he’ll be there to support her through the good times too. If she wants to change her job, go back to university, raise a family, or start a new business venture, he’ll be there. He’s going to encourage her to do whatever her heart desires because nothing brings him more joy than seeing her happy.

He’s Her Best Friend

People come and go. Friends leave, relationships end, and that can be a hard thing to comprehend sometimes. Through it all though, there is one person who will never leave a girl’s side – her dad. The men who leave their daughters aren’t real men at all, and they certainly aren’t real dads. Those who stay are true fathers.

He’ll stay with her through thick and thin and be there for her day and night if she needs it. No one can make her laugh quite as he can, and no one can put a smile on her face as he can either. To her, he’s more than just the man who raised her. He’s her best friend, and she is so lucky to have a companion as amazing as he is.

There’s no one as important in a woman’s life than her father. A dad that raises his child right, loves her with all his heart, and is there for her when she needs him is one of the greatest blessings that a girl can ever receive. When a girl has an amazing dad, she has so much more than just a father. She has everything she needs in just one man.

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Eva Jackson