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The Most Common Complaint Of All Married Men And Some Women


What do you think are the things that bother men the most when it comes to their married life? About what things are men complaining the most when it comes to their spouse?

Well, I’ve heard many men say to me, “The problem is, I can’t do anything right. She is always complaining and nagging me to do something and then everything I do is wrong.”

A ‘nagging’ wife. That’s the most common complaint of all married men.

Therefore, it comes as no surprise that women usually have different responses to these men’s behavior. They think, “If he is so bothered by my complaints and my criticism then why doesn’t he do anything about it? Why doesn’t he bother to change the thing that annoys me?”

This is a common issue for couples to solve because both partners see the other as a problem and they think that the only solution is for their partner to change their ways.

Men think that women should stop nagging and criticizing them and instead appreciate all the things they do for the family. Women, on the other hand, believe that their spouse should be more careful and pay more attention to her needs and the household chores without her having to nag him or remind him constantly.

Well, both perspectives are right. On one hand, it feels horrible to be constantly criticized, and on the other hand, it feels just as horrible to be constantly the one who is nagging and whose needs are being ignored.

And if you have a partner who remains calm, cool, and collected that they let all your negativity and criticism go away and then focus only on the good points you are making and makes an effort to change them – you are lucky. However, the reality is, once a couple moves past the honeymoon stage, such occurrences are extremely rare.

The solution? Reduce the criticism. Also, make sure that you give more positive comments than negative ones if you want to have a happy marriage. Because no one can survive being in a marriage when they are more criticized and judged than they are admired and loved.

Mary Wright