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9 Things People Stop Giving A Damn About Once They Hit A Certain Age


You go through life worrying about anything and everything. You spend your young years giving a damn about other people’s opinions. You waste your youth trying to get everyone to like you. You care too much about everything in life. You give too many f*cks on things that are not worth it.

But as time passes by, you realize that nothing is much more important than your mental and emotional health. And just like that, everything that once made you frustrated or embarrassed is no longer a threat to you. Because you’ve changed from your very core. You’ve matured.

Here are 9 things people stop giving a damn about once they hit a certain age:

1. What others say or think about their life choices. People who’ve been through a lot in life learned their lessons and realized their worth cannot be bothered by someone’s opinion. They believe in themselves. That is the only thing that matters to them.

2. Their physical appearance. They’ve outgrown the need to look perfect because they’ve learned that there is no such thing as perfection. Their body shape is not something that makes them insecure. These people have accepted themselves for who they are, and they’ve fallen in love with their imperfections.

3. What people post on social media. They don’t care about what people share online. They don’t have time to waste on Facebook or Instagram because they are too busy living their best lives out in the real world.

4. What their ex-partners are doing. You worry you check, you stalk, you cry your heart out and then after a certain period in life, you stop doing it all together. You accept the reality and you realize that life is too short to spend it on things and people who are not worth it. That’s what’s like for these people. They don’t go back to something that didn’t work out. They move on.

5. Relationships that don’t help them grow. People who have hit a certain age in life and have finally found themselves, don’t waste their time trying to fix toxic relationships. They know exactly what kind of people they need in life and what kind of people they need to stay away from.

6. Mistakes that they’ve made in the past. They don’t beat themselves up for the mistakes they’ve done. They don’t worry about what tomorrow will bring. People who’ve matured in life don’t waste their lives living in the past. They focus on the NOW.

7. Failures. They know that failing is a stepping stone to success, so they no longer stress about not knowing something and failing big time. These people know that failures are inevitable lessons that must be learned in life.

8. Finding a partner by a certain age. People who’ve matured and reached a certain age know that there is much more to life than just getting married and having children. They are not desperate to get hitched and that is why they could never ever settle for an average relationship and a half-assed love.

9. What others expect them to do. These people don’t waste their lives trying to live up to everyone’s expectations. They do whatever they feel like doing. What others have to say about it is not their problem.

Stephanie Reeds