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8 Reasons Why Strong Women Usually End Up Alone In Life


Being a strong and independent woman in a society like this is a truly difficult challenge. A strong woman refuses to accept a life of quiet desperation and obedience. She doesn’t want to behave ladylike and swallow her opinions. A strong woman chooses to get out of her comfort zone. She does whatever the hell she wants, regardless of how others perceive her.

She leads a life that is quite different than everyone else’s. She doesn’t fit into any of the standard ideas of perfection or success in life. She is often criticized for who she is. Some are jealous of the life that she has created for herself, and some are intimidated by her strength.

Here are 8 reasons why strong women are often lonely:

1. They don’t care about society’s rules. Following their inner voice requires them to go against every foolish standard that society has created. The fact that they are not afraid of the consequences makes them immune to people’s comments. Strong women simply don’t care about playing according to the rules.

2. They don’t go against their own conscience. Every step that they take in life is based on the feeling that comes from within their soul. Strong women don’t do things that go against their beliefs. They always have their values as a guide in life.

3. They cannot stand pretentious people. Strong women always say what they mean. They have no hidden intentions. They don’t play games. And they don’t like to manipulate people. They just tell it like it is. That’s why they hate hypocrites. They can sense when someone is up to no good.

4. Their biggest mistake is giving without expecting anything in return. One of the biggest reasons strong women are often lonely is because when they love, they love from the depths of their hearts. They do it unconditionally, without expecting something in return. As a result, they usually come across people who take their love for granted.

5. Their intense energy scares men away. A strong woman is not afraid to show her emotions. She is passionate, she is emotional, she is fragile, she is intense, and she is not scared of letting everyone see that part of her. She stands up for what she believes in no matter how others see her. That, unfortunately, is sometimes too much for someone people. Her fiery aura often intimidates people.

6. They always follow their heart, no matter how much it hurts. Sometimes it leads them to beautiful things, but sometimes it hurts them deeply.

7. They don’t really ask for attention. Strong women don’t seek validation from others. They don’t wait for people’s approvals. They don’t need to be told that they are loved or needed by someone in order to feel happy. The secret to their happiness lies within their hearts. And so, most of the time, this is a trigger for jealousy and anger in people who lead miserable and lonely lives.

8. They are all in or all out. Strong women either 100% all or 100% nothing. They hate mediocrity. There is no middle ground with these beautiful human beings. That is exactly what scares most insecure men away. The fact that strong women commit with both their heart and body and give 100% makes most men feel like they are not good enough for them.

Stephanie Reeds