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50 Things Someone Who’s Abusing You Will Do That You Shouldn’t Ignore


When you’re in the midst of abuse, it’s hard to really understand what’s happening to you. You can lose the perspective that people on the outside looking in would have. Because of that, you could be suffering for years before you even know what’s really going on.

It’s especially hard to understand that someone is abusing you if you don’t know what signs to look out for. To help you, these are 50 things someone who’s abusing you will do that you shouldn’t ignore.

1. Yell or scream at you.

2. Embarrass you in public by picking fights or pointing out your flaws.

3. Call you ugly, make fun of the way that you look, or insult you.

4. Try to annoy you and get a reaction from you.

5. Threaten you.

6. Tell you what you can and can’t do and punish you when you don’t listen to it.

7. Read your texts, go over your browser history, and check who you’ve called.

8. Demand proof of where you are and who you’re with at all times.

9. Tell you where you can go and who you can see.

10. Patronize you and belittle everything you do.

11. Make you feel guilty for everything.

12. Pretend things didn’t happen that you know for a fact did happen.

13. Withhold affection when you annoy or upset them.

14. Tell you that you’re too needy.

15. Do nothing when they see that you’re hurt or upset.

16. Interrupt you when you’re doing something else so that they have your full attention.

17. Demand your respect but don’t give you any in return.

18. Pretend that they’re the victim and that you’re the one hurting them.

19. Break or throw away your things and then deny it.

20. Get overly jealous.

21. Blame you for their own wrongdoings.

22. Walk out on you to make a point.

23. Be fine one minute then furious the next.

24. Constantly remind you of everything that you do wrong.

25. Make decisions without consulting you.

26. Turn other people against you.

27. Turn you against other people.

28. Tell you that your hobbies are stupid or a waste of time.

29. Call you names

30. Tell you that you’re always doing something wrong like being late or messing things up.

31. Act like you’re boring when you talk about something important.

32. Make offensive jokes towards you.

33. Tell you that you have no sense of humor when you don’t find their “jokes” funny.

34. Stop you from seeing your family.

35. Tell you that you’re overdramatic or too sensitive.

36. Make you believe that no one else would ever want to be with you.

37. Expect you to sacrifice everything while they give nothing.

38. Not let you have any control over your own life.

39. Give you names they pretend are sweet but are actually insulting.

40. Tell you that they only get angry because you provoke them.

41. Be overly sarcastic.

42. Do things that they know you can’t stand.

43. Act hurt if you try to call out their actions.

44. Dismiss your accomplishments.

45. Keep control of your finances.

46. Try to convince you that events happened differently than you remember them.

47. Make you walk on eggshells around them.

48. Tell you that other people have said horrible things about you.

49. Ignore you without warning.

50. Make you feel hopeless, alone, and worthless.

The person in question doesn’t need to be doing all 50 of these things for you to know that you’re being abused. In fact, even doing one of these things is not acceptable. If this is happening to you, it’s time that you try and get them out of your life however you can. You do not need to and do not deserve to suffer like this.

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Eva Jackson