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8 Ways Your Dog Shows Their Love For You


I am sure that you must completely adore your furry friend. Your dog is your companion, your best friend, your snuggling partner, and your faithful companion for your long walks.

But, how can you know whether your dog reciprocates your love? Here are 8 ways dogs show their love.

1. They Lick Your Face

I understand that some of you may find this behavior disgusting, but your dog does not know what germs are. In their language, licking is an expression of love and devotion. Licking is their way of telling you that they feel a special bond with you.

2. They Take Care of You When You Are Injured or Sick

Or, they try to take care of you by licking (again). Dogs use licking to heal their wounds. So, if your dog starts licking you a lot when you are ill, or they lick every bruise or scratch you have, then they are trying to heal you.

3. They Cuddle with You After Eating

 We all know that food is the main motivator when it comes to your dog – whether you are giving them a prize for their behavior or you are trying to get them learn some trick. So, if your dog wants to cuddle with you right after eating, that means you are their next most important priority in life.

4. They Share with You Their Toys

Sharing is caring, right? So, when your dog comes to you with a toy in their mouth and they drop it in your lap, it means that they want to give you something to show you their love and affection for you. Whoodle puppies especially love playing with their owners and are very affectionate when it comes to playing games.

5. They Sleep in Your Bed

Opinions are divided on this, there are some people who let their dog sleep with them, and there are others who strongly oppose. However, if your dog wants to sleep in your bed, there is no question! They love you, they are loyal to you, and they want to be with you every time.

6. They Yawn When You Yawn

Contagious yawning is a sign of deep empathy and dogs can feel that too. Dogs are also able to instinctively read and understand their owner. So, when your dog yawns right after you yawned – they love you.

7. They Follow You Around

If your dog is constantly behind you, following your every step while you are doing chores around the house, it means that they are only trying to keep their pack together, and they consider you an important member in their life. Dogs certainly do not need ‘alone time’ the way we do, so if they love you, they’ll be around you all the time.

8. They Watch You Calmly When You Leave And Flip Out When You Come Back

If your dog starts panicking when you are about to leave the house, that is not a sign of love, but a sign of their fear to be left alone. If your dog, however, calmly watches you leave, it is an indicator of their trust and love for you because they know you’ll return. And what happens when you come back? They flip out of happiness and joy, of course.

So, what’s your answer? Does your furry friend love you the way you love them? I am guessing yes! But do share your answers with us! ^_^

Image: Golfhunter Septime

Mary Wright